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Part 90: Deadly Toys

Fang's found one last thing before he heads back to Earth; somehow the UCS has managed to bring Orbital Plasma satellites and have successfully placed them in orbit around Luna. These will allow them to use Plasma Control Centers to shoot plasma at us from anywhere on the Luna. Obviously, we cannot allow this.

The satellites' orbits are being maintained at three Plasma Control Centers in this region. General Fang believes if we destroy all three Control Centers the satellites will be unable to maintain their orbits and will either crash into Luna or fly off into space. It's not much for a theory, but it's our only shot.

Fang's escort might be small but it's touting some pretty heavy weaponry. 2 Crions, 2 Thunderers, a Crater/Crusher combo and Super Fighters for air defense isn't too bad. Still, to be on the safe side we'll be moving the entire army into this sector prior to engaging the UCS.

Research: Heavy Electro-cannon mk1 and 2.

Due to this sector's remote location we're unable to do any construction. These units will have to suffice.

We've encountered our first patrol. Still no shields.

Onwards ladies (and Fang!)

See, patrols really aren't effective when you can disable the first unit before it even fires a shot.

It's just too tantalizing a target for our Crions.

This clearing looks...ominous. Proceed with caution ladies!

Enemy artillery! Everyone! Evasive maneuvers! Now!

My goddess. They've reinforced the Plasma Control Centers; they must've been tipped off about our operation. We'll need to work quickly to destroy the artillery before the UCS can resupply. Making matters worse, there's some light air cover over the base, negating our air power. Ladies, prepare for an immediate charge on the enemy position!

Whew. It worked. Our losses were horrifying though. We now have 15 land units and a single Thunderer where before we had an entire aerial fleet and over 20 ground units.

We'll need to be more careful next time.

With the first PCC destroyed we're a third of the way there. Despite our sobering losses, Ixchel has some superb news for us; they've managed to work out our own version of the UCS's artillery technology. Even more encouraging, they now believe they can re-purpose Fang's meteor homing beacon to work with our existing Weather Control Systems. With these we can finally fight back on level footing!

Our route now heads south. Let's hope the next base isn't covered in artillery.

Another two patrols without shields. Boring.

However, this third patrol is much more interesting. Note the UCS's positioning. They're right in the line of fire from their own artillery! They might be robots, but shelling your own soldiers is still barbaric.

We'll need to get a closer look at the base to figure out our best approach vector. Our sole Thunderer should be able to handle the job with its heavy armor.


Mayday Mayday!  This is Valkyrie 1 we are under heavy plasma fire!  It came from the fo-

Damn it UCS. You're killing a lot of good women today.

While our entire air force has now been destroyed, at least Valkyrie 1's sacrifice won't be for naught. We were able to break through the enemy lines due to our knowledge of the enemy's artillery positions.

One more base to go. The first one had artillery. The second had artillery and AA cover. What's the final one going to hold?

Other than the loss of Valkyrie 1 we managed to escape that encounter unscathed, although some of the units did get tagged a bit by splash damage from the artillery.

Oh boy another unshielded patrol group!

*insert your own witticism about shields here*

Seriously can't they learn anything about how to do a proper attack? Like going for our high-value units?

Oh shit they're gonna kill Fang.

See, this is why you don't give them any ideas. Fang's taken serious damage and will need to lead the rest of the mission from the rear.

Given our complete lack of air coverage, I order one of our quicker units to scout the area ahead. If she runs into any trouble she should hopefully be able to make it back in one piece.

Nothing here. Guess we'll need to keep moving.

Crion shots for everyone! Hooray Crion!

Is this it? Is this the last completely useless patrol group?

I hope so. They're not exactly hard to deal with, but as you saw, one moment of recklessness can allow them to kill Fang and end the whole mission.

Another one!?

Wait, this one's different...

Oh holy shit. Those are Grizzlies! The UCS must be desperate to save this last facility. There's no other explanation for why they'd risk their most valuable units.

Of course you would think they'd at least shield them...

Welp. Good job UCS. You just wasted all your Grizzlies and managed to kill a whopping zero of our units because we disabled you in about 2 seconds. Even worse, you were so close to the base that we've gotten a clear look at it without needing to scout. I've got a very clever trick planned for this artillery.

It's called "bait them into shooting at Fang, run away and laugh as the shells fall short." Bit of a mouthful but I think it works well, no?

See! That shell isn't even close to Fang.

Or that one.

And now they're out of shells. These Cargo Salamanders would be an issue...except every single one of them are armed with anti-air plasma instead of a mix. Completely harmless.

The last base's walls have been breached it's almost over.

Bye artillery. I will not miss you.

And goodbye Plasma Control Centers!

Now to head back home and...hey why haven't we gotten the mission success pop-up yet?

Oh. I guess we have to destroy this laughably defended resupply base then. It would be fearsome if those Fortresses had anything on them other than 20mm chainguns. Since that isn't the case, this should only take a few seconds.

Thank you once again Fang for pointing something out and then letting me do all the work to destroy it.

Nah, just kidding, you've been a great help up here. I understand the situation on Earth is rapidly deteriorating though. As much as it would help to have you in command of the final strike against the UCS, we need you back on Earth to coordinate the last resource pushes in the Amazon and Africa.

Everyone still needs to walk back to the LZ though. While we're waiting...

Research: Earthquake Generator I and II, 2000 PSU Shield Generator

General Fang, we've arranged for your transport back to Earth. The shuttle will depart from Lunar City at midnight.

Take your time to say goodbye to Luna, Fang. I don't think we'll be seeing you up here again. But once again, we owe you our deepest gratitude.

to the Hero of the Lunar Corporation!

Pretty much all those losses came from the attack on the first PCC. I completely forgot that they have artillery

This is it! Delta Quadrant is all that stands between us and the deployment of SUNLIGHT. Let's do it!