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Part 91: The Fourth Ring

Welcome back everyone! In this exciting episode, we're going to destroy a whole bunch of UCS bases. Sounds like fun right? Let's get going!

Fang's strike against the UCS Plasma Control Centers doesn't seem to have damaged the UCS. They continue to hold the final quadrant we need to enable Sunlight. Since it doesn't look like they're planning on leaving any time soon, we'll need to start the eviction procedure. Eviction on Luna, as everyone knows, is done by electrocution via Electro-Cannon.

Well look at that. The game has seen fit to give us some Crions to start our mission. Thanks!

Our power needs are now so great, and the tedium of building 10 solar panels for a plant so severe, that I'm going to just use Xyrex plants for everything. If Solar plants still had infinite range this would be a much harder decision, but since they don't it's rather easy.

Damn you 2.0 patch!

Research: Crusher Mk. 1

Thanks to our tireless research we can now use the Weather Control Center to-HOLY SHIT 35,000 credits?

Yeah okay, we're not using that. While the price does make the WCC analogous to the cost of building a Plasma Control Center or Missile Control Center, 35,000 in one go is a lot of money. Plus raining down meteors is rather boring, we already did that back in Update 15.

I'm continuing to run with a very minimalist base. This is just a Xyrex plant, enough mines to get my economy booming, a Supply Depot and a Main Base. Since this is rather thin, I'm making sure to add weapons on to everything that can handle them. I really don't feel like wasting credits on defensive structures that probably won't get used.

Another mission, another woefully under-equipped patrol.

It meets the same fate as all the other "no shields, outdated units" patrols we've run across.

The base in the northwest looks to be the primary UCS base. And we're catching them very early and with their robotic pants down. No Fortress, no units streaming out of the base to meet us. This'll be easy.

Our front lines aren't even taking damage in the initial assault.

Things don't look much better for the UCS once we're actually in the base. The LC blitz is unstoppable.

Although, our gunnery skills could use some work. What the hell are you all aiming at? Shoot the bad guys not some random spot in the air!

With most of the base ruined, I'm absolutely stunned by the lack of preparation on the UCS's behalf. They knew we were coming. And yet they did nothing.

Well, except build these Heavy Towers. I'll give them that. Too bad they only last a few seconds when my entire army is shooting at them.

I appreciate the input Crions, but that one has already been blown to bits. Focus on things that are still standing.

Not that there's much left standing at this point.

And thus the main UCS base went dark, never to be lit again.

Time to drop in our buildings while the army eliminates the final (unpowered) tower. Good work everyone!

Research: Crusher Mk. 2

The first UCS base was in its own enclosed sector. While I doubt there were any survivors, there was a tunnel entrance we left behind. It'd be a shame if the UCS used that tunnel to sneak up behind us. So I build a wall to keep them out.

The army moves towards the southwest base and THE UCS ARE USING SHIELDED UNITS!

Finally! It only took literally the entire campaign to get to this point.

Research: Crusher Mk. 3

Not that it'll really do much good when they leave their structures unshielded, but hey, they're learning!

This base is much more spread out. It matters not, our electro-cannons will still slice through them

All this base clearing takes forever though. If only there was some way to speed it up...

♪ Whistle while you zap! *whistling noises* ♪

♪ And cheerfully together we can ♪
♪ Zap them all day long ♪

♪ So hum a murderin' tune *exploding noises* ♪

♪ Just do your best, don't take a rest ♪
♪ Let's kill all the UCS! ♪

♪ And as you kick them off the Moon ♪

♪ Imagine that these fools ♪
♪ All will die in space ♪

♪ And soon you'll find you're dancing to the tune ♪

Wow, Snow White was right. After all that cheerful singing, all the work of destroying this base just passed us by. I hope you all sang along.

With the second base gone, time to move on to the other two bases. And our scouting party has found a...somewhat competently designed patrol? What madness is this!

Patrols: 0
LC: A Lot More

The third base barely has any defenses. Let's just show ourselves in then.

How rude! Shooting at your guests is most unbecoming.

Who puts all their power plants in one spot?

At least this UCS base is smart enough to put some towers in random spots to slow us down a little.

With the power and defenses smashed, it's time to lower in our Xyrex plant and mines.

A last ditch flanking maneuver is too little, too late.

3 down, 1 to go.

Given that we actually took a few losses there I think it's prudent to build some more units.

Of course, it's also prudent because the UCS are sending squads into our base.

That all taken care of, it's time to send everything we've got at this last UCS base.

Our scouts indicate that the UCS are using multiple entry points to try and attack our position. Had we not blitzed the UCS we would've been faced with defending no less than 8 entry points. Since 3/4ths of the bases are gone, there's a simpler solution.

More fences.

Let the final attack begin!

Aw come on, why are you guys going that way? Now I have to either send someone over to deal with your or wait until you're near the base and blow you away with the guns on the Main Base. God, you robots are so annoying.

That's a shit load of plasma. Once again though, it's all unshielded. Nice try, UCS.

Glad to see our Crions are still trying to smash things that are already large piles of rubble. I'm sure they'll figure it out one day.

Oh come on now! You're ruining all these beautiful fences. That took seconds to make! SECONDS!

Not much left now. The crater is clear, and we just need to finish off the last few power plants and can head on home.

All power plants gone, check.

All dangerous structures gone, check.

All UCS structures gone, check...

Oh you assholes. Here we were off attacking the last quadrant and the UCS somehow managed to knock out the Sunlight Control Centers. How the hell can they do that? And why the hell wasn't I notified!

Before we leave the final quadrant, take a look at our money. Yeah. 475k.

I think 4,588 points is the highest score I've ever seen after a mission.

Thankfully our earlier message from Armenia was in error, the Sunlight Control Centers were not destroyed. Or at least not yet. We need time to harness the necessary energy to strike at GOLAN IV's location. Until that time our system still remains vulnerable. The UCS are launching one last suicide attack on the Sunlight Control Centers. We must stop them!