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Part 94: Rescue

rest of briefing posted:

Signed, General Tsugai Shakt, Mobile Commandos

One of our spies has been caught trying to escape by the UCS. As a result, his escape was compromised and his vehicle is badly damaged. Our goal is to find the data the pilot stole, and hopefully the pilot himself. As you can see by the weather, a snow storm is moving in. It will hit in earnest in approximately three hours. If our pilot isn't back by then he'll be dead.

The main difficulty change here is we have o
nly three hours to find the pilot before he freezes to death. In normal you get 6 hours.

You're given two scanner units to help you find the missing pilot. One scanner works east-west and the other north-south. Up top you can see the distance to the pilot in each axis and the time remaining. We'd really like to avoid a frozen pilot, so let's get moving.

Ignore that the distances are totally different here.

Looks like the north-south scanner is showing a decrease in distance the more we move north.

And the east-west one is showing a decrease the more we move east. I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say the pilot is in the northeastern part of the map.

Moving northeast, both scanners are showing a decrease. Looks like I was right.

Bingo! The pilot and his disable craft are down in the valley. Unfortunately, the UCS appear to have caught up with him. We're still getting life signs so they haven't killed him but getting in close to transfer the data and pilot will be trickier now.

I once again use the "use someone as bait" method and send the other scanner through to the pilot's disabled Caspian.

Yeah! We did it! Both the pilot and the data have been rescued. The data was immediately uploaded so we're good there. The pilot still needs to make it back though. And we've earned ourselves 20,000 credits with another 5k bonus if we save the pilot. The Mobile Commandos don't bill cheap for rescues.

And now's the time for everyone to run away from the UCS.

My dad wanted us to research the Ion Cannon. Your wish is granted.

Research: Ion Cannon

Both scanners have made it out alive. And right on time the snow starts to pick up. This is the storm I was warning about at the start. Thankfully the pilot is perfectly safe inside the scanner.

Woohoo! The pilot made it back safely. We get to bill the rest of the ED another 5,000 credits and pick up seven career points. Wow.

Hey a cut-scene! Wonder what we're gonna se-



What the fuck just happened?

Did Emperor Fucking Palpatine just give us a medal? What in the holy fuck was that? Why are we some old dude? Why was that guy wearing sunglasses? Why is everyone in berets? Why is everyone wearing red and black instead of green? WHY DID THEY HIRE ACTUAL ACTORS FOR THIS!?

Let's all pretend that never happened.

We have the Order of Bravery now.

I'll tell you what was brave, watching that video!


Jesus. Let's just, move on everyone. Yes, yes go in the Ukraine.

The Groznys have found more UCS units. But I don't order them to fire. I have something special in mind for them.

La-dee-dee driving back to base makes me so happy! I'm the best scanner in the whole Dynasty! La-dee-dee!
Hey there you're gonna need to check in at this not-at-all suspicious trash compactor
Okie doke!

*screaming and horrible crunching noises*

And yet we only get 310 credits out of it. Lame.

The storm's really getting fierce now. I can barely see my own hand in front of-


Did those Dragon bombers just materialize out of thin air!?

(Yes, yes they did)


Oh no, they're dropping bombs! Run away everyone!






Yeah so this mission has these 2 UCS Dragon bombers spawn after you're through the night. They are armed with plasma bombs and they will go bananas on your base if you let them. So bring along some anti-air units.

My dad asked and my dad shall receive. We are building some Ion Cannon units.

Research: Repairer

Okay we've got 4 Siberia Is and the 2 Minelayers. Let's go have some fun.

Look at this, 3 whole Tigers. 2 of them with plasma even! And they somehow all have shields!

They're ignoring the Siberias to attack a Minelayer. Good idea there champs.

Their shields weren't all that great and now all three are disabled.

What the hell are we going to do with 3 disabled Tigers though?

Ohhhhh myyyy!

That's right folks. Time for the Mobile Commandos to do some on-site acquisition.

It lives! Now we can pretend NEO is still around giving us free units.

I miss you NEO

3 more Tigers.

Another 3 Tigers. We're up to 9 now.

3 more Ti-HEY! You're not supposed to kill the bait!

Yet another 3 Tigers.

While we're here, might as well take the spy's Caspian with us.

One of the captured Tigers went a bit nuts and killed the last Tiger. And in case you can't tell, the spy's Caspian is shooting at us. Pretty impressive automated defenses there.

We've got a lot of Tigers now.

And a Caspian.

3 more Tigers...except these ones are funny. They have that 120mm cannon upgrade I never used during the UCS campaign.

Eh, what the hell, let's take them along too.

More fighting and disabling. Boring.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're not supposed to come back to life Mr. Robot. Go back to sleep!

With all the UCS robots destroyed sent back to HQ, we unlock the bonus objective and give ourselves another career point and 5,000 in cash.

We have a lot of Tigers. I mean a lot. The question is...what to do with them? Should I put them in the field? Recycle them? Use them for strange and possibly unethical experimentation?

The game doesn't count captured units as destroyed, so the only destroyed units were the 2 Dragons and that one Tiger that accidentally got killed during the capture operation.

Next time, we head to Mongolia to beat up the LC. I'm sure it'll be another routine mission.

Today's musical selection is the third nighttime theme for the ED. As you listen, imagine the scanners racing against time to save the helpless spy. And whatever you do don't think about whatever the hell that video we watched was. Yikes.