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Part 97: Aber

Welcome to ABER, POW compound for the UCS in all of South Asia. The hackers we have were able to mostly mask the Cargo Salamander from the UCS, however they weren't able to figure out a way to spoof UCS units. We'll need to avoid any UCS patrols to prevent being spotted.

We have our objective, our Trojan Horse and a blessing from the Czar's very long beard, rumbling belly and protected loins . If that's not a recipe for success I don't know what is.

Our LZ is tucked into a corner of the map, far away from the prying eyes of the UCS patrols.

Our prisoners are housed in this facility. As you can see it is very well-guarded and also well-mined. I'm sure the UCS replant the minefield every time there's a new prisoner delivery. They're probably losing about half the prisoners just from that. It's very hazardous avoiding those giant, extremely visible mines.

(No seriously it is, the AI's pathfinding absolutely loves driving over them)

One of the patrols the briefing mentioned. It looks as if the robot is patrolling the most direct path to the teleporter base to the west. Intel indicates that's the safest path into the prison. We'll need to take an alternate route and it just so happens that there's a winding path up the hill to the prison.

UCS patrols are guarding these tanks. Perhaps they need to be liberated.

We begin our journey by avoiding some mines.

As I said, we can't take the direct route to the teleporter base due to the patrol. But there's a very convenient unguarded teleport pad here. I wonder where it goes...



No! Not towards more patrols! Find some kind of shelter! The UCS know we're here now!

Okay, these tunnels are completely abandoned. We can hide out and wait for the panic to die down. Thankfully we didn't open fire on the UCS. The AI probably thinks it's some sort of targeting glitch.

I sneak out of the tunnel system in the dark of night. My hunch was correct, the Harvesters and Mammoth pay me no heed.

And I'm able to slip right past another patrol!

Only to run into a second one guarding the path up the trail. Damn. We were so close too.

I don't see another way. We'll have to risk using the teleporter pad in the teleportation base to the east, where that very first patrol was.

Move, move, move! Don't get spotted!

We did it!

Wait! This isn't the right spot. We need to get the pilots before we can commandeer the tanks. We'll just try the other por-

-tal Wow. We absolutely cannot let that Jaguar spot us. Without any shields it'll melt us before we realize we've been spotted. Our timing will need to be impeccable.

Wait for it.

Wait for it...

Okay, go now!

Success! We're out of sight range of the Jaguar and only took a few scratches from the guards around those tanks. If we hurry we'll free the prisoners before the UCS AI figures out what's up. We just need to drive very, very, very carefully through this minefield.

I'm a good driver

You know General, I had the exact same idea. Except we rescued the soldiers from the UCS not the LC. I, uh, think you might need to lay off the bottle a bit General.

Once again let's avoid the Death Machine.

Get in your tanks boys! We've got robots to scrap.

Not more drinking General Shakt! I don't think your liver can take it.

We've got license to open fire. These tanks will surely be enough to scrap the entire site.

The UCS are very charitable and gift us a bunch of shields. How thoughtful of you GOLAN! You really shouldn't have. I mean, I certainly don't give my enemies a ready supply of ammunition, repairs and shields when I have them captured.

I just kill them.


Uh...wait a second. Why doesn't the teleporter work?

Did. You. Just. Destroy. The. Only. Way. Out. Of. Here!?

: Yeah, the commander said we're heading out to some place called ABER because we're "not incompetent trust-fund morons who will strand themselves in a valley while being so important to the Czar that we have to bring them home instead of letting them starve to death."

The trust-fund morons are pretty efficient though; they've destroyed every hostile thing in the valley. Inaccurate and stupid, but efficient.

Our relief forces arrive and I've devised a new strategy for dealing with these mines. It's called "make someone worthless step on them."

It's the best tactic I've ever developed.

That patrol that once was so fearsome now dies in the blink of an eye.

As does that teleportation base. Which just so happens to be the perfect spot to pitch a resupply base.

The Boyar is dedicated to resupply. Unfortunately he's not dedicated to intelligent flight plans and gets vaporized flying over this mass of UCS units.

While we wait for another one to show up I figure I'll do some research.

Research: Upgraded Ion Cannon, 25% Homing Heavy Rocket, 50% Homing Heavy Rocket, 100% Homing Heavy Rocket

I also bring along more minefodder.

Look at them. Sitting there. Staring angrily at our tanks in the valley, unable to reach them with their weapons.

Not realizing we are sneaking up behind them...

Okay, that threat's eliminated.

Thank you comrade for your exemplary service in mine-clearing!

With all the defensive towers knocked out I can begin evacuating all the trust fund idiots.

The trust fund idiot airlift has begun!

Supervised by: these Groznys killing everyone else in the prison.

While the airlift continues I have the remaining units go and level the base. I'd say a pretty good mission we did a lot of da-

Oh god. I hear it. I hear the fanfare. The drums. They won't stop beating.

This can only mean one thing...

Another promotion!

That medal wasn't even a cross! And the Khan doesn't even have a giant beard to protect his junk like the General said in the briefing!

16 points to the next promotion.


The LC have captured one of our Nuclear Missile Silos. They're working out the codes as we speak. We need to recapture or destroy the silo before the LC use our own weapons against us!

This mission in no way is a re-hash of a mission from Earth 2150. No sir. They would definitely not do that. There's no way Update 61 dealt with the exact same thing. It is literally impossible.