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Part 98: Europe

If you recall, we had a very similar mission to this back in the base Earth 2150 game. However, the LC getting our nuclear launch codes would be a lot worse than the Ashanti getting them. Unlike last time, we can capture the nukes and use them on our enemies.

We start in a fortified ditch with enough Repairers to recapture the base. Let's go scouting and see if we can find where the base is.

Whoa. There's a wild thunderstorm happening right outside the base. I don't think we can risk moving out with all that lightning. Look at how it's destroying the old rusty light posts.

The Ukraine has arrived and we've begun reinforcing ourselves.

Shit. The lightning has let up and now the LC are attempting to push us out. Time to fight back!

And just like that the lightning storm is back. It's odd that none of the lightning is hitting the LC. Almost as if someone was controlling the weather...

The LC attack has been repulsed, and we've taken some serious casualties. Most of them came not from the LC, but from the weather.

With the storm continuing to rage it's just not safe for our land units to be out and about. We need to figure out where the captured nuclear silos are though, so I send this Boyar out. Flying a helicopter in a thunderstorm should probably be more dangerous than driving around, but it manages to avoid any weather-related damage.

The storm still shows no signs of letting up. I bring in a Gruz and start building our ditch up. We're going to be here a while.

The Boyar has found the base and there are a ton of Guardian towers there. Wow. Between the towers and the lightning I don't think a frontal assault is the best play here. Maybe there's another way.

An underground way.

The Boyar continues scouting, now searching for an appropriate place us to emerge from the depths.

Hmmm...It doesn't look like the LC have put up any defense against aerial assault.

And the rear of the base is completely exposed. Now I just have to figure out some way to get the tanks out of the ditch without them being fried by lightning.

Or I could just try using my Groznys.

The LC have not had control of the facility for long. The defenses are weak and their Solar Power Plants are exposed from the south. Let's see if we can knock them out.

The storm has cleared around the ditch during another LC attack but I'm hesitant to venture out since we've seen the storm come and go depending on the presence of LC units.

The LC have no defense against our Groznys. We should be able to level both power plants without taking a scratch.

Confirmed. The power is now down. Let's move in and retake this base!

My clever tunnel strategy would never have worked. We can't dig through the solid rock surrounding the base.

The LC attempt one final sortie to defend the base but it's too little too late.

We cut through the unpowered defenses without breaking a sweat.

The LC are much more sneaky than the UCS. I have a Gruz check the tunnels underneath the base for any sort of trap. Finding none, I call in the Repairers to retake the base.

Power has been restored. Time to bring the silos back online.

Aw shit. I checked the tunnels themselves for booby traps but I forgot to check the actual basements of the launchers. The ED silos are supposed to have a fail-safe system to prevent this sort of thing from happening. Somehow the LC worked around it and then re-purposed it into a system designed to stop us from recapturing the silos. This is why the defenses were so lackluster, it was a trap all along, meant to destroy the Mobile Commandos!

Quickly, to the tunnels!

However, it looks like the LC set the timers for too long. 7 minutes should be more than enough time to disable the trap.

Whew. The silos are back in our control. Now, it sure would be a shame if we just let the regular ED army take control and refuse to use the missiles. I think the Mobile Commandos need to do some tests to ensure things are still operating as expected before we do the hand-over.

I know just the target too...

We need to get eyes on the base before we fire though. These LC units can't be an actual attack force. They probably know what we plan and these are merely a diversion to ensure they can evacuate any key personnel.

Hah! The UCS are attempting another attack on our HQ. This time they're going for the Research Base. Thankfully I learned my lesson last time; these fighters are going to be feasting on nothing but Dynasty rockets.

The UCS fighters come under immediate fire.

The robots don't even know what hit them. The fighters are completely uncoordinated.

Take that.

With the Research Base secured, let's add some more toys to our arsenal.

Research: Heavy Laser Cannon, Pamir mk 2

The Missile Control Centers and their silos are back online. Oddly the silos are being reported as Plasma Cannons by the Control Centers.

Just in case the LC try any funny stuff, I'm having this Gruz build a wall protecting our nuclear base. Now the LC will need to move right through the bulk of our army to strike back.

Our attempt to reach the base by land was a failure. We'll need to cross the river if we're to spot the base. Get to it Gruz!

The missiles are ready. Awaiting target...

Target acquired (Thanks Groznys!)


Hmm. Guess a full salvo wasn't enough to completely destroy them. Let's try that again.


Much better. Yet we still haven't gotten credit for destroying all the LC. What gives?

Ah I see.

Take a wild guess at what I do to this mining base.

And with that, we have...

Yet another promotion!

We are now Server of the Khan. I guess that means we bring him his food and drink orders? Maybe make him some coffee?

Even though everyone's dead I'm not about to leave 70,000 credits just lying in the ground. We need those for research.

And while we wait for all that to be mined, let's do some research...

Research: Khrushchev, 1200 PSU Shield Generator, Rocket Launcher mk 2, Upgraded Cannon, Upgraded Chaingun, AA Gun, Heavy Rocket Launcher, Upgraded Helicopter Rocket Launcher

Wow, big list there.

Some of those 9 lost units were Groznys that I uh, accidentally nuked. Sorry about that. I'm sure the families of those pilots will be told of how the LC's treachery forced me to you know, nuke their loved ones.

More nuclear weapons have fallen into enemy hands? Good lord guys, how hard is it to keep this stuff secure?