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Part 2: Update Two: Change Out Of Your Jammies

Welcome back, everybody! Last time on Earthbound, we didn't do a damn thing except for decide a bunch of names. Today, we're going to get a few things started, but nothing too exciting. Yet. So, let's do this thing.

These are the choices I made; I loved every suggestion made, so I just mixed and matched my favorites.

Anyways, the screen fades to black and begins a slow pan over the city; here we see the local bakery and police station.

Ah, 199X. Fine wines come from that year, not to mention the films that were released that year.

Our next shot is of the hotel; all of these named buildings are important, and there's a few we don't get to see here. But, we'll visit them all, I promise.

It pans a bit further up and we see a sign with the name of the town on it.

But, just in case we didn't quite get it, we start our adventure in Onett.

We go a bit further out of the city, in a slightly wooded area.

I don't know if this quite qualifies as a forest, but it's close enough for me.

And this is Nass'--

Dammit, game, I was about to say that!

This is Nass, fast asleep. We're going to fuck up his night royally.

The fucking up begins right now. What the hell could make the house shake that much?

We're still in our jammies, but then again, we were fast asleep. Hopefully Mom knows what's going on.

That's only 86 frames long, but I still think it's a really cool, neato-torpedo thing to see the lights come on when Nass steps out of his room. Anyway, we're going in that door midway down the hall.

This is Nass' sister, Tracy. She's a nice girl and is going to be useful as shit during our journey.

Present boxes act as treasure chests. We're going to see a lot of these, in much stranger locations, before we're done.

While this is an RPG, it's set in the modern day; Nass uses baseball bats for his weapons instead of swords and there are no shields in sight.

But, downstairs to Mom we go.

Huh, Nass' house isn't very big.

anyway, even if I asked you not to.

Well, Mom, we've got to get this adventure started somehow. Loud, mysterious noises are as good as any place to start.

Well, that's a good idea. Possibly being murdered in our striped pajamas doesn't sound too appealing to me.

Back in our room, Nass changes into his day clothes; striped shirt, shorts, red hi-tops, bitchin' hat and a backpack.

We leave our dog asleep as we go by. We won't be gone long, methinks.

It's still very dark outside. I had shots of the upcoming NPC dialog, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. So, instead of doing the smart thing and retaking them and just putting them in, I just made a bonus update for it!

There's a few cops around, though.

At least three of them, and they responded quickly. Was that noise an explosion?

Ooh! A present in the woods!

Another cop, but up around the bend...

...Nets us some forest bread! Bread rolls restore 30 HP when used. There are no potions or any of that crap here. Good ol' fashioned food items restore our HP.

That's Lier X. Agerate. He made that billboard next to him, which proclaims he is a treasure hunter extraordinaire. We'll talk to him in a bit.

Up here, we find this fat kid (Pokey, our neighbor) being an asshole. It's a pretty common them when he's around. There's also a couple of roadblocks, including a car blocking our path. There's also at least three more cops, but up near the top there, you can see someone who looks more important and policey than the others here. And what appears to be a meteorite...

Hey, fuck you, Turdlinger. I saw you just wandering around here.

Do you hate this guy yet? Because that's perfectly acceptable, even this early.

I oughta beat you with my Cracked Bat. But, instead, I'll be the bigger man (figuratively, because it's quite a task to do that literally).

Let's go back home. We found out what happened here.

Also, I'd have screenshots of those various NPC's, but my computer seems to have eaten them (already! Give me a bit after this update, I'll post 'em up. Sorry, guys!)

There's not much to talk about, really, Ma.

Alright, Mom. I'll start adventuring in the morning.

It fades to black.

Alright, guys, I want you to go get someone to knock incessantly on your door, hard and loud, for about fifteen minutes. Then you get the full experience of what wakes Nass up this time.

Tracy even left her room because of it, but a meteorite was just a "whatever" situation to her.

Oh, yeah, don't do anything to fix it, Tracy. God, you're swell.

You didn't answer it either, Mom? What the hell?

I don't have a choice, do I?

Bowser? No, you don't even want to approach it? Maybe bite whoever is being an asshole?

Oh, look, it's the asshole of the neighborhood.

Oh, God, he's even one of those "Eddie Haskell" jerkoffs.

Hey, fuck you, Mom is hot! Maybe. Hell, she's one of the nicer sprites in the game, I think.

to deal with the Sharks.

Living here, would Nass really require that clarification here? To me, that's pretty sloppy, but maybe I'm just being too critical.

Picky is his younger brother. Pokey is a fucking douche, as a brother and a person.

I know I'm gonna get it.

'course, by now, I'm sure you've all got this kid figured out. The worst part is, I'm sure everyone one of us knew at least one kid like this.

What? No, fuck you, Pokey. You made this mess, clean it up your damn self.

I don't like the sound of that...And Picky lives with you, so he's gotta be an alright kid if he hasn't killed you yet. Let's help him, but we're doing this for Picky's sake.

say "goodbye" to your mom. Don't you agree, ma'am?

I loathe you, Pokey.

like this...

Either she takes a lot of Valium or she's the most accepting mother on the planet. My mom would have kicked Pokey's ass out long before this. Probably as soon as she opened the door, really.

you leave.

And so, for the second time tonight, we change back into our normal clothes. And it'll be a hell of a long time before we change back into our jammies again.

Tracy's come down to see us off to find Picky, like we're going to cross a desert and fight a dragon to do so.

Cookies restore 6 HP; Nass has 30 right now, so it's kind of worthless, but it's a very sweet gesture from Tracy, though.

Not now, Tracy. We haven't gotten enough crap yet. But, we'll take you up on that offer eventually.

Mom seems a little upset about us leaving like this. It's okay, Mom, we'll be back.

C'mon, Bowser, I'm sure you'll be useful.

I know it's because you're a coward, but I'm also sure hauling all that girth around is tiring.

Alright, let's get this show on the road!

Oh, dammit. The phone's ringing.

Who the hell is calling this late?

Dad, why are you calling this late? What is wrong with you?

No! Why would you even ask me that?

I'm wondering now, how did Dad know to call right now? Did Mom let him know or does he just have hella good timing?

We're just going to go wander the neighborhood and look for Pokey's brother.

The only reason I'm showing this is because of the missing letter. I cannot fathom what happened to it.

Dad's a nice man. It's also nice to see that we're using good ol' fashioned greenbacks as our currency for this adventure. I was getting tired of Coins.

I think when I was Nass' age, my dad would have rather lost his left arm than given me an ATM card with full permission to use it to buy whatever.

You shouldn't? I mean, I haven't actually done anything yet. Besides, you're just my father!

Oh, God, Dad can read the captions through the phone!

Well, we're going to stop here for the night. Tomorrow, we'll actually leave the house and do some gameplay! So, stay tuned!

And if Tindeck ever quits being a douche and actually uploads the files I ask it to, we'll have some music to listen to!