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Part 1: Update One: Audience Participation A-Go!

Oh, Nintendo, you guys did some wonderful things.

Ape actually started as a toy company, before being changed into Creatures Inc., which have done a lot of Pokemon related things lately. Ape also helped work on Mother, the prequel to Earthbound.

When I search for this company, all I find it Earthbound related stuff. Was this the only thing they did or am I just terrible at the Google?

Oh, my. That doesn't look good.

Soup Taper? Hell, maybe I should let it get a little clearer.

Oh, man, I was way off. Now, you may be asking who Giygas is. Don't worry, we'll cover that when it comes. Just keep him in the back of your mind for now.

This is the name of the game.

We don't have much in the way of options here, so let's start new.

Now, you guys get the text at a speed that I determine, but I like it fast. There's a hell of a lot of it in this game and I read fairly quickly, too.

Even though SNES9x kills sound when you're recording, I still choose stereo. It's just nicer that way.

First bit of audience participation here, folks. Which window color do we want? There's Plain...




And Peanut flavor.

Strawberry is the nicest looking to me, so I choose that for now. But now, we've got a shit load of things to name. There's only five spaces for names, so he gets the jackass' version of my name.

This is a girl I know.

A bro of mine.

And another bro of mine.

That's the name of my cat, actually (his full name is Nicholas D. Wolfwood), but it'll do for a dog, methinks. And why does the dog get more letters for his name?

We get more spaces here, too. Burgers won't fit, so I went with the next best thing.

I certainly made enough of them for Super Mario RPG, to where I kind of like 'em. I didn't want to use something like "Sex" or "Boobs", though.

Before we move on, you all need to decide names for all of this shit.

BOLD your votes and make sure they fit within the character limits. Remember, five letters characters for the people names, six for everything else. If I can count right, at least, that's how it goes. I'll go with whatever I like/what amuses me the most.