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Part 6: Update Six: For A Small Town, Onett Has A Lot Of Shit

Last time, on Earthbound, we finally encountered some Sharks and beat them up. This time, we're going to finish exploring Onett and snag ourselves a Cheap Bracelet. This'll be a short update, but I'll be glad to have this out of the way.

Aside from the hospital, we just have a small bit of real estate to hit up this time.

I think I saw a movie with that same title once.

: No pentagrams, though. Man, that doctor's visit was weird.

: Such a beautiful place gets me all choked up.

And over thataway is the first place we're visiting today.

We can see water already. Considering how damned hot it is outside, that water actually looks pretty good.

Beak Point Real Estate

A second home, eh? I wonder...

$7500, you say? That's a hell of a deal.

: Folks should have a place of their own. Do you want to buy it?

: I'm a little short right now, but can't we work out some sort of finance plan?

What an asshole. We'll be back!

: I can practice my trumpet in this scenic spot. I'll send my haunting melody throughout the town!

He really does play a short burst of trumpet music here, which is a nice little touch, I think.

Back at the hospital, we've got just a few people to talk to in here.

The hospital, to me at least, is pretty nice looking.

: Say, have you ever suffered from type of sickness or condition that you couldn't get cured at a hospital? For example, being "Diamondized," where your head gets as hard as a diamond...

Hey, I'm kind of familiar with that second one.

: we of the magic healing shrine are here to ease your pain. We're ready and the lobby of hospitals all over the world. The person next to me is a great teacher of magic healing.

: can not be treated at the hospital, it's my job to cure you. Do you need some help?

: Not right now, but I'm sure I'll need some in the future!

Why the hell not, lady? Sure, we had that old lady tell us about it, but this lady'll be going a bit more in-depth about it.

: away. As long as you have money for the doctor's fee, you'll be able to see your friend completely recovered in no time. Besides being unconscious, whenever you don't feel so well, come and talk to a doctor. Everything I just told you applies to hospitals all over the world.

Behind this door is the doctor himself. May as well stop in and see him for a minute.

This nurse makes me slightly uncomfortable.

Yep, $20 to find out what's wrong with you. Granted, I usually like to just use PSI to clear up these issues, as the hospital is usually too far away to be useful when you really need one.

This doctor seems like a cool dude. He reminds me of Groucho Marx, which probably contributes to that.

And now we're in the drugstore! As I'm sure you didn't want to see me walk across Onett.

We can finally afford this thing, which'll be one hell of a boost to our defense.

Remember how much damage the Sharks were doing before? Six or seven for their regular attacks, with fourteen to fifteen for their specials? Well, regular attacks from them do one to two damage now, with their specials doing less than ten. A Cheap Bracelet is a hell of a nice thing to have, and I highly recommend getting one if you're playing along.

Alright, folks, we're done here for now. Like I said, this update was short, but tomorrow, we'll get to the first real boss of the game. Stay tuned!