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Part 25: Update Twenty Four: The Barf Factory

Dr Pepper posted:

There's a guy in Twoson who mentions he left an item in the Threed hospital.

Well, that shows you how much I talk to NPCs, huh?

Welcome back. Last time, on Earthbound, we discovered Saturn Valley, then went back to snag the Insignificant Item. Today, we're heading back to the Valley and we're going to explore what lies behind the waterfall. So, let's get started.

Heading back through this area (again), we find another dog.

Here's a quick shot of the damage they can do with their bite. And this is after the upgrades from Saturn Valley.

And Urban Zombies can inflict a cold on somebody with this. Not particularly dangerous, but it is interesting to keep in mind.

And Dad called me as I was about to fight some ghosts. Thankfully, they were patient enough to let me finish my phone call before coming to their second demise.

I discover Nass is homesick.

Despite being homesick (and for a good while, until I hit Saturn Valley), Nass didn't really exhibit any symptoms of it. On one hand, that makes me very happy, since I don't have to have him waste any turns.

On the other hand, I also don't get to see a quote like, "Nass started thinking about Cats and was really craving them."

Jesus, why wasn't I gaining this exp. my first time through?

Three Red Antoids and a Farm Zombie? Game, you're too kind.

Nass gained a level here (); now I know I said I was going to start transcribing the level ups, but I just wanna show one bit with a screenshot.

Oh, baby!

His other stat gains on this level were: Oh, baby! Defense +3, speed +1, guts +1; Oh, baby! Vitality +3, luck +2; Sweet! HP +40, and +2 HP.

Nass had a fucking awesome level right there. 40 more HP is wonderful and Jesus Christ, +5 offense? I think I came when I saw that.

Susan also gained a level during that brawl.

For this level, Susan gained +1 guts, +2 IQ, +3 HP.

Not a bad level, really, but its a tad lackluster following Nass' level up, isn't it?

Hell, let's have Kim put that level to shame!

For this level, oh, baby, offense +3! Oh, baby, speed +4! IQ +2, luck +2, HP +1; that rocks, PP +10!

And now she can steal PP from all enemies at once!

We're stopping in Saturn Valley for just a minute; long enough to rest up and make a couple of phone calls.

It makes Nass feel a ton better.

And I've got some shit I want to store away. I wish there was a way to expand inventories in this game. Fourteen slots is just not enough for a single character.

Now, remember, Saturn Valley cannot be found on any map.

Escargo Express is just that fucking good.

I'm slinging those three things away since I don't need them right now. In a little while, the Insignificant Item will be useful, but the Hand-Aid is one of those I don't want to use all willy-nilly, and the Rust Promoter might be forgotten about entirely.

Alright, we've gotta get back here and give them the password.

Do we all remember the password?

In case you forgot, it was to stand still for three minutes.

Three real-time minutes. 180 seconds of doing jack and shit. Just stare at that screenshot for three minutes, checking your watch occasionally to see if it has been three minutes yet. Or set a timer and just let the beeping inform you when its been three minutes.

Or go make a sandwich. Personally, I went and talked to my mom for three minutes. She asked me why I was making idle conversation with her and I told her what was up. She looked at me like I was asking her if she wanted to buy a gram of coke.

After three minutes, you're told you can enter. So, let's get started here.

I don't see a doorman here. Or anything to the left there (spoiler: there is nothing over there). So, we're going to the right.

Oh, hey, another pile of puke. Lovely.

: Uh, yeah, of course we did. *Burp*

Now, there was actually a choice there. What if we had told him no?

He asks us a very good question and attacks!

Slimy Little Piles are kind of jerks; 224 HP, with good offense and high defense. They're even kind of speedy (for a pile of puke) with 15 speed. Paralysis is the only real effective ailment against them, but Fire and Freeze Beta have enough power to get past his protection against it.

I'm not a particularly big fan of fighting these guys. They're like a Mini Barf 2.0; they can inflict crying, hit hard, and can solidify a party member.

Dammit, Kim, if you were only a skosh stronger...

And if Nass could fucking hit something!

This is the other option they have in battle. I'm sure you all know where this is going to end up.

So, we'll do just the highlights from this fight.

And now everyone is crying and their accuracy rating is shit. Wonderful.

I think Paralysis will prevent them from calling any more Slimy Little Piles.

After a while, I finish the fight.

Oh, my God... This is beautiful.

So beautiful, Kim leveled up!

For this level, she gained +1 guts and +2 PP. A little disappointing, but who cares, because...

She learned a Crashing Boom Bang Attack! Literally, Carpainter's lighting attack was just Thunder Beta with a different name.

Susan hit another level, too!

For this level, oh, baby, +4 offense! +2 defense, +2 speed, +1 guts, +1 vitality, +1 IQ, +2 luck and +12 HP. That certainly makes up for that last crummy level, eh?

Anyone who's played this game before knows exactly what these lil' fellas are.

And they are going to appreciate my struggle not to fight 1,000 of these things.

Foppies only have 120 HP, with shitty stats otherwise. They have some PSI, but they can't concentrate and only regain their concentration after four rounds. If you're doing it right, they shouldn't be able to re-concentrate.

Look at that. That was for three of them. For a minimum amount of effort. 1,311 exp. all for no risk to me.

Nass benefits from this immediately!

For this level, he gained +1 IQ, +2 HP, and +3 PP. Kind of boring, yeah?

But, hey, Nass can now try to paralyze every enemy at once.

Behind door #1...

Jesus Christ, four Farm Zombies?


Seriously, my mind is still on the Foppies. You can encounter up to six at once.


There were three Foppies at the beginning of this fight; I had Kim use Magnet Omega, to help boost her PP. Nass and Susan murdered two of them before she could move.

Is...Is this pity I'm feeling for these two Foppies?

Yeah, just met these guys and if we get a surprise, we auto-win. Jesus Christ, Foppies are terrible enemies. I honestly think they exist so that if you're a bit behind in levels, you can easily catch up.

I haven't talked much about enemy spawning, have I? I don't know exactly how it works, but if there's an area with enemies on screen (such as just above this ladder and below), if you move so that the area is off-screen, any on-screen enemies can potentially disappear. If it is empty, enemies can potentially spawn.

So, if you're ever stuck in a situation where you can't afford to fight any more battles, keep this in mind; moving away far enough to let the enemies escape your field of vision may get you out of fighting them.

Now, if I hadn't told you guys I wasn't going to grind, I would have spent a good chunk of time just heading up and down this ladder, turning Foppies into paste.

But first, let's get Kim some extra PP.

She drained 4/4/2/8/4/3, in order. 25 PP, for free, and a minimum of danger.

They have Brainshock and Magnet Alpha, too, but they never can get the time they need to to start concentrating.

All of this exp. and all these levels are going to give me a heart murmur. ()

Oh, yeah, for this level, Susan gained one fucking hitpoint.

Moving along to the left, we see two more Slimy Little Piles.

: does. I know I can't do it.

: Well, I think I did a pretty good job.

And you're welcome for that, Nass.

: That, I cannot believe.

And up here, we can see two enslaved Mr. Saturn, hard at work. We're here to rescue these guys. Unfortunately, I see no way to speak to them to let them know that it'll be okay.

Moving east a bit further...

Kim gains another level!

For this level, she gained +1 offense, +2 HP and +1 PP.

There's a little room off here. Let's see what we've got cookin' in here.

Shit yeah. From what I can tell, there's usually a Magic Butterfly in this room. If you enter and there isn't, turn around and re-enter; it'll appear eventually. Since 20 PP still ain't nothin' to sneeze at, really, it's always nice to encounter one of these guys.

And what the hell, since we're here and relaxed, let's take a break here, shall we?

Next time, we'll finish off this place and rescue those Mr. Saturn! Stay tuned!