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Part 40: Update Thirty Nine: I Hate Typing This Fucker's Name

Welcome back! Last time, on Earthbound, we made our way back to Winters, encountered some enemies that we shouldn't be fighting for a long time, and now, we're going to pick up the fourth Sanctuary spot. So, let's get started.

If you'll recall, Susan has enough explosives to take on the Bolivian army with him. There's no real need for me to mention that, no, but I just like the thought of it.

Cave Boys aren't a threat anymore, to anyone in my party.

Those fucking bears are, though. Those assholes are tough.

If you'll recall the layout of the cave...

Yep. Essentially, getting this spot is an entire seventeen foot walk. It's, by far, the easiest spot to get to.

: But it's mine now. Take it from me, if you dare...


Yeah, you can see why I hate typing this jerk's name. Sure, it's just an "sh" one "r",three "o's" and an "m", plus an "!" but still, fuck this guy's name.

Being a plant being, he's predictably weak to fire. I think it would make sense if he were weak to freeze, too, but, as Keeshhound pointed out to me, some mushrooms are apparently quite hardy and don't take shit from the cold.

Half dozen of these, and he's got 1700 HP, which is, by far, the largest amount of HP we've encountered yet. I'm not going to cheese him and use all six on him, though. I still have flashbacks to the fallout from when I cheesed bosses in SMRPG.

Noice, Kim. Keep up the good work, sweets.

Being one of the mushroom type enemies we've encountered, he can, naturally, spread spores around.

I do not like this outcome.

Thankfully, it wasn't Susan who was all confused and launched this into Kim or Nass.

Aww, hell.

Hit the Shrooom!! Hit the Shrooom!, dammit!

That's not good.

I have no way to cure Mushroomization, since there's no Healer in battle or the Hot Springs around to help. I've just gotta suck it up and deal with it.

Thankfully, Nass doesn't end up healing Shrooom! or something.

He's got Life Up Alpha of his own, though.

Blech, that wasn't a very good fiery blast.

Not that it matters, Susan is making up for that shit, easily. That's the last Big Bottle Rocket I'll use, too. But, they're an effective strategy for this fight.

Oh, God, please no...

I'll accept this; if it were Kim and I attempted to roast Shrooom! again, that could have ended very poorly. Poison is easy to heal, though. Well, it will be if Nass cooperates.

Poison doesn't deal a ton of damage to Nass, but that's quite a bit for Kim or Susan.

Alright, taking all bets, who's getting creamed with the baseball bat today!?

Nobody! Nass fucking ninja dodges his own attack.

Alright, let's get this poison shit cleared up. It's not a ton of damage to Nass, no, but any damage is bad damage.

Being disappointed in Fire Beta's last outing, I decide to try and Freeze Gamma the Shrooom!.

Shrooom! actually resists Freeze. This is just a testament to Freeze Gamma's power.

As for his physicals, Shrooom! has fairly good offense, and his defense, to put it simply, rocks.

Oh, shit, he's upset about the Big Bottle Rockets!

Shrooom's! massive defense in practice; remember, before, Susan was dealing nearly triple digit damage.

Stupid poison, dealing stupid damage. At least it's not FFX poison; that shit took a quarter of your health each turn.

Susan's going to need some assistance in living.

Kim's regular attack is faster than Freeze Gamma. I should have had her use Defend, though, as that's quick as shit.

Oh, great, now Susan's all confused.

Oh, please sweet merciful Jesus...

And I have no way with me to bring Susan back.

...Of fucking course. Even if I did have the means to revive him, I wouldn't have been able to fucking pull it off.

Oh, my, 48,000 exp. That's...That's a really high number, and...

Oh, dear, I'm feeling light-headed. Ca-Can I have a minute to go lie down?

Nass and Kim gained two levels each. So, I'll get this out of the way now.

For this level, Nass also gained + 1 IQ, +13 HP and +2 PP.

For his second level, Nass gained: Oh, baby! Offense +6, speed +1, guts +2, oh, baby! Vitality +3, luck +2, and sweet! HP +45!

A nice pair of levels; max HP rising by 58 isn't anything to sneeze at. I'm pretty sure he just gained 1/3rd of Kim's HP in two levels.

For this level, she gained +2 offense, +2 speed, +2 guts, +1 vitality, oh baby! Luck +3, HP +1, and that rocks! PP +10!

For her second level, she gained +3 HP and +2 PP.

This would have been useful a few minutes ago, but whatever. She and Susan have evened out in levels now, so I'm kind of okay with that fight's outcome.

Thank God that Sanctuary spots restore everything to full and heal all status effects.

As per usual, I won't have anything meaningful to add. So, here's the Rainy Circle.

As we make our return journey, alligators flee from us. That's a pretty nice feeling.

The Cave Boy is nothing new. He's pretty much the same as back when Susan fought him, except there's no longer a guaranteed Picnic Lunch. Instead, there's a 1/32 chance that they'll drop a Double Burger; technically, this is a different enemy, but with the same name and nearly identical stats. This Cave Boy has 79 speed, as opposed to the former Cave Boy's 5.

They're weak to fire, so let's play with our newly acquired Fire Gamma.

This is the new Cave Boy's main mode of attack; it's either this or him shouting at someone. It dealt an entire 1 HP of damage to Kim. Their defense and offense aren't that great.

Kim retaliates for a nice bit of damage; it may not seem like a ton for a third-tier PSI power, but remember, that's against an entire row.

Mighty Bear Seven has 367 HP, with attack power that nearly matches Shrooom!'s, but his defense isn't super high.

Goddammit, Nass.

As for his attacks, it's either this, biting your face off, or a generic bash.

Kim really needs a defensive boost. Thankfully, Summers has what we need.

Since Kim's guts stat is pretty crappy, her HP rolls down faster than Susan or Nass' do.

Cave Boys still suck.

And he was defeated in a way I'm sure Fred Flintstone would be proud of.

If I recall right, since I had already put in the command for Life Up Alpha, even if her HP hits zero, Kim could still be healed. I'm not 100% on the mechanics of the HP odometer, though.

I was a little on-edge for a moment there, still.

Now, as you can see, Kim's HP is only at 54. If this hits her, it'll start to roll down from that point, as the Mighty Bear Seven is completely capable of one-shotting her.

So, of course, it hit her.

As you can see, her HP rolled down very quickly. There's nothing I can do to save her this time, unfortunately.

But, that didn't stop me from trying.

Nass doesn't appreciate enemies picking on Kim. I'm starting to think he has a soft spot for her.

If only Nass had done that sooner, he would have one-shot a fucking bear with a baseball bat.

Well, on the bright side, I think this'll just about even out Susan and Kim's exp. I don't know why I like stuff like that.

Since Kim died, of course this asshole has to show up.

I really hate that guy.

*Still hungry joke goes here*

The one and only, Doc.


: ...It looks like you've found something out. You can leave for Summers whenever you wish. It shouldn't break this time...

And with that new confidence in hand, let's-a go!

And since it's another trip, there's another video.

Well, if we want to go back, we can teleport. I'm really going to miss our flying machine though.

So, next time, on Earthbound, we begin our exploration of the town of Summers! Stay tuned!