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Part 41: Update Forty: Quick View Of The City

Welcome back. Last time, on Earthbound, we snagged another Sanctuary, and crash landed on the beach of Summers. Today, we're going to take a quick view of the city (and I mean quick). We'll go a touch more in-depth next update, but for now, let's just enjoy a little bit of the resort town of Summers.

We start out with Nass bullshitting us about the Skyrunner.

We head to the east and...

What is with these fucking moles!?

There's a lot of people in swim suits around here.

I like how those sentences begin.

This man reminds me of a reincarnated Romeo.

Why not just drown him in the ocean? It's right there.

To get away from that creepy guy, I turn around and head the other way.

Please don't ask me for a Batman reference.

Although, the thought of Nass having that facemask thing that Bane did amuses me to no end.

I never liked laying on the beach itself; I like lying on a blanket or something.

Her eyes are wide open, though! Speaking of which, have you ever seen someone asleep with their eyes open?

It is fucking horrifying.

Summers is decently sized, too. I wouldn't call it massive, but it's a good sized area.

Here's the hotel. It's $150 a night, per person. Now that's gotta be a nice-ass hotel. I think the best I've ever stayed at was around $80 a night.

Oh, and this guy is here, too.

He's...A wonderful photographer.

I'm still not what you'd call a fan.

It honestly looks like a nice place; I wouldn't mind visiting, but I'm afraid it'd be humid. I don't handle humidity very well.

This is true. Just wait until I hit the shop.

Heading east again, we find the restaurant. I might wander in there later.

Further east, a conspicuously empty cart and some traffic.

Deep breath. It's just money, I can get it back.

...What is that price?


I just gotta hit your ATM first. The thing to remember here is that Summers is essentially a tourist trap; everything is going to be very expensive. We're essentially buying commemorative trinkets that actually help our survivability.

Twenty points of defense, though. That helps take some of the sting out of it.

This helps a touch, too.

Goddamn, that Platinum Band was sweet.

I probably could get away with buying three Platinum Bands, but hey, I like the best I can afford.

Alright, everyone has been outfitted with new bracelets.

It's not a huge boost, no, but I still have to buy three of those coins, at $6,000 a piece.

For now, Kim gets a Lucky Coin. It's not a huge improvement, no, but I also trade her and Nass' Night Pendant and Great Charm around; she gains another 15 defense from that. She needs the defense to survive and keep psychically nuking everything, while Nass just has the raw endurance to survive.

See, I could go grind for more cash, but that'll actually probably overlevel me a bit. I actually tried, and gained over 5,000 exp., but only about $1,000.

Continuing east, there's the Stoic Club. It'll be very helpful, very soon.

As will the museum. It's not infested with zombie dinosaurs like it is in Parasite Eve.

A little further on, we come across this sign.

It's quite helpful. And it even lets us know that, at some point in the future, we're going to deal with hieroglyphics.

I kinda like a nice rainy day, ma'am. Like how it is outside, right now.

Hospital's near the end of the sidewalk. I don't know if I've ever had to go in there before.

There's some more things further on to the east, but we'll cover those in another update. For now, I just want to get you a feel of the town and the beach.

And there are enemies around the town of Summers. I don't know why I haven't seen many of them.

Do you think anyone would notice if we buried this guy's head in the sand?

A little ways from him, there's Tomas Jefferson. Or his brother or something.

For $49, someone can recover about 30 HP. Like I said, it is overpriced tourist crap.

Now if it recovered about 30 PP, I'd definitely eat around here.

Is it that obvious?

: sea to Scaraba, from Toto, the port town.

Oh, I'm sure we will eventually. Maybe we'll fight pirates!

Look, an enemy!

Mad Taxis reappear here in Summers.

And, uh, bitches ain't shit.

Ooh, a birdy!

It's a jerky-birdy!

Let's just call Dad and be done with today. The drain on my wallet has drained me, too.

That seems like a lot, yeah, but we all know it won't last long until people are gaining levels.

End Of Update Status Shots

Next time, we'll do a touch more exploring and maybe something exciting will happen! Stay tuned! And voting is still going on, so cast your votes!