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Part 49: Update Forty Eight: *Insert Beatles Joke*

Bifauxnen posted:

That's a fun looking site. I think I like the April Fool's recipe the best, though.

By the way Leave, try not to beat the whole rest of the game in like one week cause that's how long it's going to take to get my roll of B+W duck film processed.

Best process faster, son, because here's an update flying at you!

Welcome back! Last time, on Earthbound, we explored through the Dungeon Man, had him join our party for eight minutes, then lost him.

Today, in a tiny-ass update, we're going to figure out how to get to the Deep Darkness, so let's get started, shall we?

There's not a hell of a lot to this little section down here, really. It's this section we're walking toward, and then the other side, which is less interesting, as it has no trees.

: The monsters are very strong, and you can lose your health just by wandering in the swamp. Do you want to cross the river, even though you know it's a stupid idea?

Hell yes, we do. We're protagonists, so the stupider and more dangerous an area it is, the more valuable it is that we get there.

: It is a different story if you have a submarine.

Well, where are we going to get one of those?

Certainly not over here! Unless there's some sort of secret, native submarine base hidden below this chunk of land.

That actually wouldn't be out of place in this game, though, huh?

Brick Road may be out of the party for good, but he's not useless!

And so, we enter Brick Road again.

But, first, we have a bazooka to get repaired. And as I already said to Paul...

Leavemywife posted:

Actually, it took me several nights at the bench to get it repaired. I'd have a screenshot of it being repaired, but since I was flying along with the turbo key (as you can't use it while recording), I didn't realize it until later.

About ten stays at the bench later, when I checked to make sure I had put it in Susan's inventory; I was watching Deep Space Nine at the time and not reading the dialog.

God, I'm sorry guys. I'm a terrible LP'er.

We still have to go outside and wait for the Broken Bazooka to be delivered, though.

Even though I had to wait out here for a little while, nobody got a case of sunstroke. I was pleasantly surprised by this turn of events.

No, the Escargo Express guy isn't dancing on Brick Road's head, as awesome as that would be.

Yeah, he just sprints through Brick Road to give us the Broken Bazooka. That's dedication to customer service.

Out of the way, presents! I have a bazooka to repair!

We stay a night (or, in reality, about fifteen) to get it repaired.

So, let's test it out!

Since I hate these little bastards so much, let's shoot it directly in the face with the Heavy Bazooka.

Oh, man, this is such a sweet moment for me. You all remember how much trouble these little douches gave me in the Department Store?

Bwahahaha! Oh, yes, the Heavy Bazooka deals a lot of damage to a target; for Susan, it's not a bad option to have him spam this if he doesn't have any Bottle Rockets to fire, or if he's run out.

But, in addition to big damage on the single target, it also deals splash damage to surrounding enemies. Susan's got a fairly good multi-target attack now, besides the Hungry HP-sucker. I'm not sure how many times the Heavy Bazooka can be used before it runs out of ammo, but it's got a lot of shots in it.

Anyways, back on track, we're heading back to the third floor of Brick Road.

Sorry for missing a good view of this earlier. It never even occurred to me to make sure I included it, as I'm so used to knowing it's there. But, I guess this makes the surprise even sweeter.

Yeah, we're taking a yellow submarine. We've still gotta make it over there first, though.

This time, Brick Road seems oddly empty. Seriously, I've only had that one encounter this entire time. I don't think his encounter rate lowers or anything, so I just got lucky, methinks.

Did you guys really think I'd go through here again and not give you some more hot Mad Duck action?

This still kind of freaks me out, though.

: It can be used to cross the river. There's a "Goodbye Exit" ...over there. It will take you to the submarine. Don't make a mistake on which exit you take. You need to take the "Goodbye Exit!"

Alright, folks, here we go. We're almost done with Brick Road, forever.

Some of you may have noticed the extra holes and how we never used them.

Sure, it's not what you could call super-hidden, but I can understand if you didn't realize it at first.

Some might also recall how we never seemed to grab this present, either. This is the only way to get to it, so that's why we're taking it here.

And when I first got here and saw it, I honestly thought, "How in the hell did I miss this earlier?"

"Oh, wait... "

Ten more points of defense isn't too shabby. It doesn't do anything useful, aside from increasing luck. So, yeah...It doesn't do anything useful.

Seeing these mushrooms, I'm kind of surprised there isn't an enemy in here that could Mushroomize you.

We call Dad real quick, and find out we're almost $10,000 richer.

Hey, we could afford a real house now! And since it's 1994, the market isn't absolute shit!

Alright, more signs, then we're done.

Even if it did run, I'm sure we'd just beat it into submission again. There are very few things that Nass and co. won't beat the hell out of.

And yet another free heal in Brick Road's dungeon.

What do you want, another Chrono Trigger joke? I'm sure the bench provided all the sustenance they needed.

I can't help but think Brick Road has a point here. And you're still hungry.

After healing up, I notice that Nass still has more HP than Kim and Susan put together; 62 HP more, actually.

Broken down, eh? Sounds like it could use some !

What can't you repair, you brilliant son of a bitch?

Wouldn't a submarine, even a small one like that, be really, really heavy? Or do I just not know anything about aquatic machinery?

And we're off to adventure!

Glub glub glub

Huh, they weren't kidding about that Deep Darkness thing, huh?

Glub glub glub

Ooh, another Girl Monkey!

And a Bird Phone!

We haven't killed anything lately, so no money this time. He just reports what exp. we need to gain levels.

And we're done for now! Just look at all that darkness over there yonder. I bet it's deep, too.

Next time, on EarthBound, we'll be exploring this deep darkness! Stay tuned!