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Part 51: Update Fifty: Hey, Bubby!

Welcome back! Last time, on Earthbound, we wound our way through the Deep Darkness and crushed an old foe into the swamp water. Today, we're going to visit a most interesting village, so let's get started.

See those little green guys? We're in the village of the Tenda, and they all look like that. They're fairly interesting little dudes, too.

You don't seem very shy to me if you're speaking for the whole village.

If these two are the greeters for this village, I am not impressed.

Well...This is certainly another way to greet people who've entered your village for the first time.

This is the best way to greet somebody new!

Oh, Susan, you've snagged quite a few nice upgrades lately; Death Ray, Multi-Bottle Rockets and the Heavy Bazooka.

If they consider a Death Ray junk, I'm curious about what actual treasure looks like to them.

Oh, hey, that Tenda has horns.

And he speaks in a bass-ackwards style.

I'm guessing this is the chief, based on A.) his totally metal horns, and 2.) he's spoken the most to us so far. Plus, presumably, he knows how to read since he's talking about a book.

In case you haven't figured out the schtick here, they're all shy.

And this being Earthbound, you bet your ass we're going to find a way to fix it.

I like that their signs are simple and to the point, though.

Since I'm never one to turn down a free full-heal, hell yes we're staying.

Not the classiest place we've stayed, but, I'm sure we could do worse.

Nearly every NPC's dialog around here is exactly the same.

No psychedelic coffee trips here, folks. Sorry, but sometimes, a hot spring is just a hot spring.

Hello, this is what I'm interested in.

Oh, Goddammit!

We can't shop here or buy anything until we clear up their shyness, so now, at least have a reason beyond kindness to clear it up for them.

We're almost done exploring the Tenda Village, too. It's very tiny.

Man, this guy must be shy as hell. He can only say the one word to us.

Aside from the chief, only this guy has something beyond their declaration of shyness for us.

Well, there is lava down there. Or is it magma? Either way, it'd scare the shit out of me if that started spewing out of my basement.

Dinosaurs!? Jesus Christ, get that hole open immediately. We're going to go re-extinct a species!

...This guy has to be a hard motherfucker, if he was simply "surprised" by seeing a shitload of dinosaurs.

Hell yes, I do. I believe I've already made my want of fighting dinosaurs known.

: I'm sorry, I guess I can't help you. The guy next to me is strong, but he lacks conversation skills. He needs to overcome his shyness first.

Alright, we need to get this man over his shyness. Now, the chief mentioned a book about overcoming shyness, but where the hell could we get a book? It's not like we've seen a book shop around, or even some sort of building, possibly open to the public that just loaned out books... Hmm, I'll have to consider this, so let's go buy more Multi-Bottle Rockets.

: We're having beautiful weather here. I'm now at Dr. Andonuts lab in Winters. The doctor doesn't seem to be around right now, but I'm just working on my Eraser Eraser Machine...

I'm sure we'll have to come by soon enough to pick that up, Apple Kid. I'm also smelling a new part of our--

Apple Kid? Hellloooooooo!

: Who are you?!!!... *click*

Jesus Christ, someone just fucked up Apple Kid! Quickly, to his rescue!

Oh, fuck off, you!

: We're finally coming near to the end of our research on... how to change a boiled egg back into a raw egg. By the way, Apple Kid is missing.

How the hell do you know that? If you have something to do with that Orange Kid, I'm going to shove the Suporma so far up your ass--

: and he never came back. I was hoping to borrow the book "Overcoming Shyness" from him, but suddenly, he disappeared.

And now, we have two reasons to want to rescue Apple Kid. C'mon, Orange Kid, shut up and let me roll out!

Yes, yes, you're terrible at everything you do and should die in a fire, I know this already!

No, I don't! Quit being a useless dickbag!

No! I don't hate them! I hate you!

Alright, we've got a mission to go on. Apple Kid needs saving.

Oh, hey, Maxwell is out here. I wonder how he's been.

I guess so. I know he's certainly gotten better at repairing weapons of war.

Tony's missing, too? Well, this being an RPG, I'm sure it's all related.

Shit, if Tony's gone, then we gotta save him, too. He's got a lot of love for Susan, and I can't blame Tony for that. Susan is a hell of a guy.

Alright, there's the Lesser Mooks and Wooly Shamblers you saw crush me into the dirt a few updates ago.

But, we'll get around to the rescue operation next update.

Sweet cinnamon titty Jesus, that's a lot of money. Why, according to my laptop's calculator, that's 41.115942028985507246376811594203 Multi-Bottle Rockets! I'm...I'm just going to round that down to 40, as I like nice, even numbers.

This is where we're finishing off for today. Next time, let's see about rescuing a pair of old friends. Stay tuned.