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Part 70: Monster Time Part 2 - Streets of Twoson

I always sell the Cold Remedy too. Also the Travel Charm. And I chuck the Map and Bike into storage. Mainly because Peaceful Rest Valley is an absolute cock and I want all my pack space for Hamburgers.

Condiments do indeed double the healing power of the item you use them on.

The Receiver phone can't be dropped. Like the Sound stone and ATM card, you're stuck with it. (Add in Ness's equipment and that's half his item slots gone right there! The inventory situation is harsh in the early game.)

Oh, and the new PSI power is:

Nass learns the Alpha version of this power at Level 14. For 8 PP, Nass will try to numb one enemy. This has the same chances of working as Hypnosis, though enemies track resistance to the powers separately.

A numbed enemy cannot do anything not involving PSI, including making physical attacks. Numbness doesn't wear off, so this neuters any boss without offensive PSI. Unfortunately the game knows this and gave most of them resistance or immunity, but there are some notable exceptions.

While Nass is normally "vulnerable" to paralysis (99% chance of being affected), the Travel Charm we got a while back raises his resistance one step to "normal" (50% chance).

Monsters of Twoson: Part 1 (Beating Up Women, Hippies and Old Men edition)

Found in the paths leading to and from Twoson, the Rambling' Evil Mushroom is a fun enemy. While their attack power is respectable, you're never far from a hotel when you fight them. And mushroom-on-your-head is an inspired status effect (though I wish there was a way to get rid of it without having to trek back to the hospital).

HP 60, Offense 15, Defense 10, Speed 5, Courage 7.
Worth 95 XP and $15. 1/16 chance to drop a Ketchup packet.
Ramblin' Evil Mushrooms are immune to Hypnosis. (No eyes.)

The Annoying Old Party Man is the first of several human enemies, most of which are rather boring honestly. They're never dangerous because you're in town and can just walk two blocks to heal up. The Party Man, in particular, spends most of his time farting around and doesn't attack much, and tends to miss when he does. That said, he does have Guts 50. Which is appropriate considering he's clearly quite SMAAAAAASHED himself.

HP 99, Offense 20, Defense 25, Speed 6, Courage 13.
Worth 130 XP and $32. 1/64 chance to drop a Protein drink.

The Cranky Lady is the second of the boring human enemies. While she's more consistent than the Party Man (and has a strong attack to boot), she's also got worse stats. Nothing else to say, really.

HP 95, Offense 16, Defense 18, Speed 6, Courage 8.
Worth 200 XP and $17. 1/64 chance to drop a Handbag strap.

Then there's the Unassuming Local Guy. Whatever. He can immobilize you like the Coil Snake, and it's just as useful as it was back then.

HP 73, Offense 18, Defense 13, Speed 5, Courage 9.
Worth 146 XP and $19. 1/8 chance to drop a Toothbrush.

The New Age Retro Hippie. As a character this guy's kind of awesome. What other has you fighting hippies? As an actual enemy, though, he's no better than the other Twoson toughs. He demos some of the game's more unusual items for you, though, which is kind of cool...

HP 87, Offense 19, Defense 14, Speed 5, Courage 11.
Worth 160 XP and $23. 1/16 chance to drop a Ruler.

You can also encounter Cops in Twoson. They are always accompanied by two Runaway Dogs. Both enemies are unchanged from Onett, and you can't run from them because the game thinks Cops are bosses.

Finally we have Everdred. Yep, he can steal your items. I actually don't mind this because we only have to fight him once and we're in a town; we can recoup our losses easily. Other than that, he just attacks a lot and occasionally smirks. A fitting boss for Twoson, I'd say.

...Just make sure to save before you fight him, he hits fairly hard and has a lot of Defense. I got cocky once and ended up having to walk all the way back from Onett.

HP 182, Offense 25, Defense 35, Speed 6.
Worth 986 XP and $171.