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Part 72: Monster Time Part 2 - The Cult of Happy Happy, Lilliput Step

I always thought it was Easy Hand myself, but I guess Grey Hand makes more sense.

Congrats on getting the Meteornium! You can easily play the entire game several times without ever seeing any of the items in that family.

And is it just me, or are there six people on stage during the show?

Monsters of Twoson: Part 3 (Happy Happy and Lilliput Step editions)

Insane Cultist
The Blue Menace. Not especially threatening, especially if you found the Hard hat. They can summon more cultists, but even in numbers they're not that threatening, and they're worth tons and tons of XP. One thing to watch out for, though: you can't run from them, so make sure to leave yourself room to breathe.

HP 94, Offense 19, Defense 25, Speed 8, Courage 13.
Worth 353 XP and $33. 1/128 chance to drop a PSI caramel.
Resistant 1 to all effects.

Spiteful Crow
FUUUUUU- Yes, they're back, and now you know why their Courage was so high. Fortunately they're confined to the shack area.

Mr. Carpainter
Carpainter's AI is on rails. Crashing Boom Bang, Lifeup, attack, Crashing Boom Bang, PSI Shield, attack, then start over. Since his Crashing Boom Bang can't penetrate the Franklin badge, and he only attacks every three turns, you have to be trying to lose to this guy. If you could get hit, CBB would hit for 120 damage per bolt, because it's literally Thunder Beta with the numbers filed off.

HP 262, PP 70, Offense 33, Defense 45, Speed 8.
Worth 1412 XP and $195.

Mole Playing Rough
I like this guy. He's the everyman enemy. The Mole's got reasonable offense and defense, but tends to whiff a lot; also he can confuse himself. Which is Earthbound in a nutshell right there.

HP 103, Offense 22, Defense 28, Speed 9, Courage 14.
Worth 456 XP and $36. 1/32 chance to drop a Croissant.
Vulnerable to Flash and Paralysis. Resistant to Hypnosis.

Mr. Batty
My god. Bats... in a video game... and they aren't horribly obnoxious. Mr. Batty has reasonable Offense but rock-bottom Defense so you can easily one-shot them. Like the Mole Playing Rough, they can self-confuse. They can also do the Coil Snake trick of immobilizing you, only this time it's actually useful since Mr. Batty comes with friends.

HP 86, Offense 25, Defense 5, Speed 29, Courage 15.
Worth 304 XP and $30. 1/64 chance to drop a Jar of hot sauce.
Vulnerable to Paralysis. Immune to Hypnosis.

Mighty Bear
Now this is an enemy to watch out for. Tough all around and capable of strong attacks, the Mighty Bear needs to be dealt with quickly before he manages to get a claw into Paula. Freeze Alpha (or Beta if you've got it) is the best way to take down these giants. Don't hold back on Paula's PP - this is the best place to use it.

HP 167, Offense 29, Defense 31, Speed 7, Courage 16.
Worth 609 XP and $49. 1/64 chance to drop a Teddy bear.
Resistant to Paralysis.

Mondo Mole
Once an ordinary Mole Playing Rough, the master of Lilliput Step stole the power of Your Sanctuary and has grown to massive proportions. His massive defense and his Lifeup and PSI Shield powers make him extremely hard to kill, and his powerful offense and strong attacks let him tear through your HP like wet paper.

Paula's not tremendously useful here - Fire and Freeze don't hurt much and Thunder's not a great anti-boss tool. I usually just spam Thunder and hope for the best, though the strategy someone mentioned of spamming Freeze for the immobilize effect is a good one as well.

If you want to fight Mondo Mole "fairly," your best bet is to Flash him right away, then put Kim on healing duty and attack madly with Nass. Good luck.

The easy way, of course, is to use Paralysis. All of Mondo Mole's attacks are physical, so numbness completely neuters him. At worst, Kim might get KO'd by his first attack. (You've still got that Cup of Lifenoodles, right? You don't want Paula to miss out on all this XP!)

Unfortunately, paralysis doesn't block PSI, so he'll continue to use Lifeup and PSI Shield, which can make the battle drag on and on. If you're lucky, he'll lay off the Lifeup for a few turns and you'll pull a SMAAAASH! or two, and he'll go down quickly. In the worst case, you may have to run him dry of PP.

HP 498, PP 161, Offense 37, Defense 50, Speed 9.
Worth 5791 XP and $400.
Vulnerable to Flash and Paralysis. Resistant to Fire and Hypnosis. Immune to Freeze.