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Ecco the Dolphin

by Mecheon

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Original Thread: Pufferfish are jerks. Let's Play Ecco the Dolphin! [VLP]




Ecco the Dolphin was a game released by Novatrade, now Appolosa, in 1992. In it, you follow the adventures of a dolphin as he swims through a peaceful ocean, meeting all of the denizens of the sea. Hi there random creature!

Did I mention the impossible hardness of the game? The nightmarish images that have this seemingly innocent game popping up on "Games that scared you" lists all over the Internet? The fact you control a massive dolphin with a hitbot seemingly intent on getting you stuck and chain hit on everything in sight? The fact that its hard as heck to complete this game without cheating?

This is a children's game. Like all classic Genesis games. So get ready to tear through sharks, stingrays, jellyfish and whatever else stands in Ecco's way as he seeks the end of his quest to find out what happened to his family and why a massive storm suddenly sucked all of the life away from his home

I, Mecheon, shall lead you on this quest to kick ass, save the ocean, and maybe rescue some other dolphins. I have played this game for years, and I'm ready to show off at it. And because I'm an arrogant fool, convinced of his own superiority, I'm going to play the longest version of this game, just because

This game was released on the Mega CD and the Genesis. On the Genesis, there were 2 versions released: American and Japanese. I'm playing the Mega CD one, with new music, new levels, new tileset, and a few gameplay changes for the better

And more pufferfish. Can't forget the pufferfish

Ecco 1 Videos

1. Home Bay, Medusa Bay, UndercavesDailymotion YouTube
2. The Vents, and some Debug Mode extrasDailymotion YouTube
3. The LagoonDailymotion  
4. Ridge Water, Open OceanDailymotion  
5. Ice Zone, Hard Water, Cold Water, Open Ocean?!Dailymotion  
6. Island Zone, Deep Water, Island Zone ExtraDailymotion  
7. Volcano Bay, Ship Grave SeaDailymotion  
8. Wreck Trap, Sea of Silence, Ship Wreck Sea ExtraDailymotion  
9: Deep Gate, Marble SeaDailymotion  
10: The Library, Deep CityDailymotion  
11: City of ForeverDailymotion  
12: Jurassic Bay, Pteranadon PondDailymotion  
13: Origin Beach, Trilobite CircleDailymotion  
14: Dark WaterDailymotion  
15: Deep Water, City of Forever, The TubeDailymotion  
17: The Last FightDailymotion  
18: The StomachDailymotion  

Ecco Jr Videos

1: Home Sea, Crystal Springs, Bay of Songs, Seal RocksDailymotion
2: Treasure Caves, The Sea of Music, Fish Reef, The Ocean of Mimicry, The Lagoon of Songs, House of the Hermit Crab, Ocean Tag, The Fish Caves, Turtle IslandsDailymotion

Ecco 2 Videos

1. Home Bay, 3D 1, Crystal SpringsDailymotion
2: Fault Zone, Two TidesDailymotion
3: Trellia's Bay, SkywayDailymotion
4: Sky Tides, Tubes of Medusa, Aqua Tubeway, SkylandsDailymotion
5: Fin to Feather, 3D 2, Eagle's Bay, Asterite's CaveDailymotion
6: The Lost OrcasDailymotion
7: Maze of StoneDailymotion
8: Four IslandsDailymotion
9: Sea of Darkness, Vents of Medusa, 3D 3Dailymotion
10: Sea of Green, Moray AbyssDailymotion
11: Sea of Birds, The EyeDailymotion
12: Big Water, Deep RidgeDailymotion
13: Hungry Ones, Secret Cave, 3D 4, Lunar BayDailymotion
14: Vortex Future, Dark Clouds, GravitorboxDailymotion
15: GLOBE HOLDER, ConvergenceDailymotion
16: Dark Sea, New MachineDailymotion
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