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Echo Night

by Niggurath

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Original Thread: Deep inside the dark depths of my Orpheus: Let's Play Echo Night



Out there in the Atlantic Ocean a storm rages eternally on; a tempestuous maelstrom that hides a story lost in time and it's a story that we're going to be delving into for this let's play.

From Software has quite a diverse catalog of games that they've managed to produce over the years; Demon Souls, Metal Wolf Chaos, King's Field, Armored Core. Today however we're going to be taking a look at one of their lesser known franchises, Echo Night. Now Echo Night is a first person adventure mystery game that leaves the player exploring a remote location in the hopes of unraveling the mystery surrounding said place while dealing with the locale's current denizens (usually of a ghostly nature) via a means of placating the spirits rather than just out and out combat. For the first installment of the series the player takes control of Richard Osmond, a man who has recently received a letter from his estranged father requesting an audience with his son and all this just snowballs into a series of events that will lead Richard into not only learning about his father's sordid past but also the disappearance of 45 people aboard the cruise ship, Orpheus.

Now the Echo Night games are known for a couple of key things; first they always have an amazingly rocking soundtrack (especially this game) and secondly they are known for an engaging story, so I please ask that we keep a to no spoiler policy.

Bonus Videos
Let's Play Echo Night- Bonus: Gambler's Den
Let's Play Echo Night- Bonus 2: Japanese voice acting
Let's Play Echo Night- Bonus 3: Game Over

Leather Organizer
Update 1: Marvin Foremast, Frank Keelson, Henry Osmond, William Rockwell, Crea Rockwell
Update 2: Greg Capstan, John Cutter(past), Christina Ratline, Billy Bollard(past), Medium
Update 3: Peter Schooner, Rob Derick, Fiona Parcelling, Diana Parcelling, Ed Mooring, Oscar Rockwell, Jimmy Tender
Update 4: Thomas Gusset(past), Karen Moulding, Scott Garboard, Fred Moulding, Poly Owning, Elizabeth Crownest, Tom Rudder
Update 5: Arthur Rockwell, Hilda Rockwell, Pole & Paddle, Andrew Galleywood, Allen Rockwell, Ellie Scuttle, Carlos Recess, William Rockwell
Update 6: Bell Loran, Carter Batten, Howard Boss, Ernest Ullage, Henry Osmond
Update 7: Mike Transom, Charlie Girder, Robert Danforth, Martin Backstaff, Crea Rockwell
Update 8: Emilia Rockwell, Jack Rockwell, William Rockwell, David Berthing, Harry Gunwale
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