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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 11

11. Onwards

As if the game didn't make it obvious enough. HEY THIS SHELL SURE IS BIG AND ROOMY HUH.

: "Superfluous! Come out and see what I brought you! I found you a new shell. You said your old one was pinching you."

: "Why, how thoughtful. It looks like a nice shell, too, but I'm afraid I can't live in all that tar. THe toxins would soak into my sensitive underskin and kill me within days."

What ever happened to "thank you"?

: "Oh. I'm sorry."

: "Well <sniff>, what can you expect from a human?"

...fuck you. For serious. I'm trying to be nice here.

Well, it worked for the seagull.

Adam uses the rag to clean the oil and tar off of the shell. He gets all the oil off the shell but, boy, that rag sure is oily now!

Too bad I can't burn things underwater or I would set this next to your mask and arson your fucking face off.

: "Superfluous! Come out and see what I brought you!"

: "Oh, a nice clean shell! Thank you, it's ever so roomy! But why would a human boy do such a thing?"

: "I told you, I want to help Eluria."

Okay, that shell is way too big.

: "Nice fit! I don't know know how to thank you! You know, maybe the citizens would listen to you after all. Oh, if only you could get them to come here... why! <sniff>, maybe together we could all think of a way to save ourselves.

I tell you what! I'll give you a deputy badge if you'll agree to help me get the citizens here for a council meeting."

: "I'll do my best, Mr. Mayor."

Why are you so useless? Put up some signs that say "Come to a meeting or you're evicted". Then get Blue Blubber to enforce it. Bam. Problem solved. Instead, you need an idiot eight year old to solve your problems for you.

Adam takes the deput badge from Superfluous.'s a starfish!

Oh how cute becaue it looks like a sheriffs badge.

Anyways, let's just head outside now.

Something doesn't feel right, though. (youtube)

...Well, that was randomly intense.

No that felt really good, getting slammed into that pot like that.

: "Are you kiddin'? You saved my life! What WAS that thing?"

: "We call him Flesh-Eater <shudder>. He's the biggest, meanest manta anybody's ever seen! Most mantas are gentle, but this one's a real bone-grinder! He started coming around just before Cetus vanished. He likes to come by and pick up Elurians to eat. We seem to be his favorite food."

Food chain's a bitch, huh?

: "That's AWFUL! No wonder the citizens are hiding. The Mayor asked me to see if I could get 'em to the Council Chambers, but why would they come out for me?"

: "The pollution is more of a danger to some Elurians than Flesh-Eater. Why don't you go visit the citizens in the Fish Apartments? If you can help them with their problems, they'd trust ya then. I'll head on over to the Council Chambers and be the first one there. Good luck, Adam."

...again, you're useless. But you saved my life I guess so I'll let it go this time.

Anyways, let's try for the pentagram again.

: "Ya got a pass yet, stranger, or are ya just flounderin' around?"

Oh yeah, forgot about you for a second.

: "Will this do? The Mayor said it was a 'badge'."

The look on his face says ""

: "Well, I'll be a starfish stickin' to a reef shark's back! A badge from the Mayor! Why didn' ya say so, stranger? Er... ummm... visitor. Feel free ta look around."

You know that's just a starfish, right? I could have bought that on land for all you know. Not that I'm complaining or anything but you're an idiot.

A plastic baggie floats down from the surface...before Adam can grab it...

The little blowfish panics and inflates...

And manages to get his ass stuck in his doorway. Fish are stupid.

yeah catch you later.

It's a swordfish. With kitchenware.

It looks like it, yeah.

: "I guess so! That looks painful. How did you get your nose stuck in those plastic six-pack rings?"

: "I wath digging for food, like I alwayths do. Thees abominathion wath under the thand."

Well, sucks to be you, since I have no way of helping you. Where should I go now?