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Part 13




edit: watch this one too because i said so that's why


12. I'm tired of naming these things

Well, there's nothing I can do with those two dicks right now, so I'm gonna leave their asses here while I go down and deal with some more stupid problems.

That assfucker dumped MORE trash down here, right after we cleaned it all up, too. Luckily, there's only two things to pick up, which is a good thing because I don't really feel like opening Animagic right now.

...that's sushi? It looks like a sandwich to me. And also, what self respecting fishermen drinks wine? He should be downing beers.

As for this other thing...

Not really sure what I'm going to do with this at the bottom of the ocean, but it wouldn't let me throw it out so I guess I'm stuck with it.

Alright, I guess I'd better help that doof.

Adam pushes gently on the panicked blowfish, hoping to help him get back into his apartment.

One would think pushing on a blowfish that hard would hurt. A lot.

Adam's landed in the little blowfish's apartment - and landed HARD!

Adam to the rescue!

Adam very carefully unwraps the plastic and frees the frightened blowfish.

That fish has a better pad than I do.

: "Are you okay?"

It's Psychedelic Eyefish.

: "It wasn't a jellyfish, it was a plastic baggie. A human product, I'm afraid."

Which, mind you, also came from Captain Santa up on the surface.

: "A baggie? Plastique? How can I avoid what I cannot see? But who are you? And why are you so ugly - if you pardon my French?"

: "I'm Adam, and I'm a human boy. Haven't you ever seen a human before?"

: "But of course! I am not le bebe, I have known many humans quite intimately <gulp>!"

Nice subtle topic change there, Adam.

: "Ah! My latest masterpiece! The negative space gives a certain je ne sais quoi to this amusing lettle waterscape, don't you agree?"

: "It's very nice."

: "Well, eet's fini now. I had a terrible time with eet. Those sea urchans will not seet still! They have no appreciation for l'artiste!"

I'm not sure what he's talking about, I guess he painted sea urchans or something. I can't stand anything he says though so it's kind of a given that I'm not really paying attention to him.

: "Since you have saved my life, mon ami, why don't you take zees petite sea urchins. Eet is a humble gift, perhaps, but then having the pleasure of meeting me more than compensates, n'est-ce-pas?"

Thank you for the poisonous and unruly pets. I will cherish them always.

: "Thanks, Narcissus. Oh, and now that you're okay, the Mayor would like to see in the Council Chambers for a meeting."

: "Zee Mayor? But of course he wants me there! Say no more, er, um, 'Boy'. I go now! Bonne chance, mon ami!"

I pray that I don't have to transcribe anything you say ever again because I hated every minute of that.

Hey dude you forgot this

Adam picks up the plastic baggie and puts it in his garbage bag so that it won't be able to trap any other sea creatures.


Next helpless life to save!


Fucking fish.

It' angelfish. Everyone who read my last thread, strap in.

: "I'm Adam. I came to tell you about a meeting the Mayor's called in the Council Chambers."

: "I'm Epidermis and I'd love to, like, surf on over there, but I have my own problems, man. Sorry."


[21:02] <Roar> ...epidermis means skin or something, right?
[21:02] <BBobman> outer layer of skin
[21:03] <Roar> then why the fuck is this angelfish named epidermis
[21:03] <Vprisoner> Because Sierra is full of crazies

: "What's wrong?"

: "I'm gonna have to, like, remove myself from Eluria, man. Hit the road, wave a fin, become a memory. Way bummber, man. I'll be, like, totally lost out there in the big old sea by myself. Shark food, that's me."

All of these characters have annoying accents.

: "Why do you have to leave?"

: "I only eat one kind of plant, and we've been having a major algae problem. Just look at my potted garden. There's not an inch of algae-free leaf left in the city."

So pick off the algae you whining piece of shit. If you're smart enough to talk, you have the ability to do this shit yourself.

: "Wow. My dad says chemical phosphate pollution in the water causes algae growth, but I never thought about it making fishes' food grody."

: "Phosphates, huh? Guess I'll have to, like, look for someplace where there are no 'phosphates' - and no sharks or Flesh-Eaters either <sigh>."

I'm sorry what? I wasn't listening, I was getting poked by these fucking critters. Would you like them?

: "Way cool for them. At least somebody has lots of food lying around <sigh>."

Well, I'm stumped.

 Yes I actually didn't do what I was supposed to do here because I'm a fucking idiot, so I'm stopping here so I can go fix that. Besides, this is as good a spot as any I guess.