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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 14

13. Stuff happens

durr maybe we should put the urchins on his food since they eat algae durr

Adam swims over to Epidermis' food plants and puts the sea urchins on the algae-covered leaves.

Nom nom nom.

The sea urchins begin to eat the algae. Gosh! They must have been hungry too!

: "Whoa! Sea urchin city! What exactly do they do again?"

I just told you like two minutes ago.

Also, Sea Urchin City is a good name for a band.

: "The sea urchins eat algae. They'll clean up your plants okay, but we'd need a whole army of sea urchins to clean up all the algae in the city <sigh>."

: "We can worry about that later, man. For now, I'm just way happy to have some food in my belly."


Epidermis happily munches on the algae-free areas the urchins are making.

: "Ah! Way better! You think I should, like, go to that meeting after all?"

: "Sure! Maybe together you can think of a way to make things better in the city."

: "And I can tell 'em about the urchins. Cool. I'm way glad I don't have to leave my home - at least not right away."

Since you're the only angelfish I've seen around here, I don't think anyone else cares about the algae.

Also, I wish I had the voiced version just so I could hear him say "I can tell 'em about urchins". It's hilarious when he says it.

: "Let me give you one of my shells. I'm totally into shells. Maybe you can start your own collection."

Shells are for losers but whatever.

: "I like this one best because it's sharp as a knife! Just don't cut yourself, dude.

...scratch that. Shells are cool. I'm going to make some fuckin' sushi.

: "And now I'm history, man. Like, hang cool. See ya later." What?

: "Bye, Epidermis! And thanks for the shell."

Let's go check in on Six-Pack McGee.

Hey dude. Hold still, I'm a doctor.

: "I have a shell with a sharp edge. Let me see if I can get the rings off."

: "Be careful, young man. A thnout ith a terrible thing to wathe."

Yeah that'd be my reaction too after a comment like that.

: "Ah! What a blessed relief! I was afraid I was a bit doomed, good fellow, but your speedy and accurate surgical techniques were my salvation!"

He cut your face with a shell. Don't paint him as a hero because he's really an idiot.

: "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Hippocrates, chief, that is surgeon of Eluria. ANd who might I have the pleasure of addressing?"

It sure is convenient that your name matches your title.

: "I'm Adam - a friend of Dolphy."

: "Ah! A delightful chap, Dolphy. And in perfect medical condition. Do you need a check-up, lad? I must confess I know distressingly little about human anatomy, but you are simple creatures - it can't be that difficult."

This coming from a fish.

: "Ugh. I don't need a check-up. I came to tell you about a meeting the Mayor's called in the Council Chambers."

: "A meeting? Good show! That's just the ticket for what ails us. Before I go, let me express my gratitude by giving you these fish-bone tweezers. Perhaps they will serve you some day as you have served me."

...isn't that kind of like giving a human doctor a scalpel made out of human bone? That's kind of creepy.

Adam catches the fish-bone tweezers.

: "Thanks, Hippocrates!"

: "'Tis but a trifle. May you live many days, Adam, and be well!"

Later sk8r.

Jus' doin' my thang.

Adam picks up the plastic and puts it in his garbage bag. For a moment, he has the suspicion that there's something he's forgotten to do to the rings. Oh well, too late now.

...what? Fuck. Pull them back out, asshole.

Well. Now I have to reload from back before the fucking angelfish. Stupid game.

Okay there are you happy.

Major ecological sensitivity, man! Adam cuts apart the plastic circles of the six-pack rings and puts them in his garbage bag.

Who else remembers those commercials with those sea gulls who got their heads stuck in these things? Who else didn't give a shit about them?

Sea gulls are stupid.