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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 16

15. Jesus these fish are helpless

Adam picks up the deflated balloon and puts it into his garbage bag so that another animal doesn't swallow it.

You mean another animal that casually wanders into someone elses apartment? Bullshit. You're trying to save Erroneous from killing himself again, just admit it. He's a fucking idiot just like all of the citizens in this town.

Erroneous' apartment light is out now that he's left for the Council Chambers.

Let's go check in on the Manatee and Skipper.

That must have been a really awkward twenty minutes or so.

: "Did ya come up with a way ta fix them propellers yet, Adam?"

Yes. Thank your lucky stars, you retarded cretin. Maybe you should stop resurfacing right under the same boat.

Adam attaches the four screws to the steel cage.

: "You wanna give me a hand with this, Gregarious?"

: "Sure, Adam."

Adam and Gregarious swim under the boat to attach the cage to the propellers.

How does Greg's hat stay on underwater?

: "Oh! I see what yer talkin' about now. That cage jimmies right over them propellers, don't it?"

: "Yup. Now you don't have to worry about the manatees."

He wasn't before you showed up, you know. He just wants to be rid of you so he can fish, or whatever. He doesn't even have any poles...what the hell is he doing way out here, anyways?

: "Thanks, son. Yer not too bad fer a kid. Thanks fer makin' my boat safe. Guess I'll think about what youse said about the garbage dumpin'."

: "Thanks! Bye now!"

Ahahahaha. I feel like the FF1 story is supposed to start scrolling right now.

Yippee, I saved you from yourself.

: "Will you go to the Mayor's meeting at the Council Chambers now?"

: "Wulp, I'll have ta wait 'til everyone's outta the 'partments. I AM the watchman, ya know. But I'll go 'long soon as I can."

Wait, you ARE the watchman. What exactly do you do? All of your tenents were dying before I showed up and the place was littered with trash. I think you're just a stupid fuck with nothing better to d

HEY WAIT I saved your life give me something!

: "Okay. Bye."

NO damn it don't let him off. He has tools in his apartment, doesn't he? I could probably use one of them!


Damn it all.

Now what do we have here?

The water is filled with a milky substance. It makes Adam dizzy. You're breathing bottled air.

Anyways, what is that thing on the couch, anyways?

A beautiful lionfish floats stunned and unconscious in the water.

And what's that other thing, next to the table?

Oh, no! A bottle of chlorine bleach! Tropical fish collectors use bleach to stun fish so they can catch them easily. The lionfish must have found the bottle up on the reef.

...bleach? That can't possibly be safe for them. Tropical fish collectors should know better than that.

Adam picks up the bleach bottle and stores it away in his garbage bag. That stops new bleach from leaking into the water, but the apartment is still full of the stuff.

Well, I guess I'd better do the unfortunate business.

...oh. Never mind. Okay, I guess I've found a use for the water pump.

...that's not a beautiful fish. Lionfish are usually pretty. This one is fugly.

: "You used a bottle of bleach for your table and the bleach knocked you out. I'm afraid bleach is one of those man-made dangers you'll have to watch out for."

Wait wait. Did I read that correctly? You used bleach for your TABLE? You tried to clean something with bleach, underwater, assuming it wouldn't permeate the same water you breathe?

What the fuck is wrong with you idiots?

: "How are you feeling now?"

: "I... I'm fine - just a little woozy. My name's Olympia. Who are you?"

: "I'm Adam. I'm here to tell citizens about a meeting in the Council Chambers. The Mayor's asked everybody to come."

: "A meeting? You mean with other fish? I...I don't know. I'm pretty shy, I'm afraid. I don't like crowds."

: "Why not?"

Because she's hideous?

: "Well, it's my spines, you see. They're quite poisonous. I can't help it, you know, but there it is. I'm always afraid that others will be afraid of me - or that somehow accidentally..."

The others are pathetically unware of danger around them, don't worry about it.

: "But you can't just hide in your room! Everybody needs friends... listen to me - I sound just like my Dad! I guess he's right after all. Anyway, I think you're really nice and I think your spines are cool."

: " my spines? I never though anyone would LIKE my spines. Well... maybe I COULD go."

Stop shouting at me.

: "It is important, I think. Maybe your spines could help the other citizens.", exactly?

: "If you truly like my spines, perhaps you'll acept a small gift for saving my life. This locket contains one of my baby spines. It's quite potent, though. Be careful how you use it."

Wow, this angle makes her look even worse.

: "Wow! A lionfish spine! Neat! Thanks, Olympia!"

: "Goodbye, Adam. May you be free from stings as long as you live."

Goodbye right back at you, you horrifying thing.

: "Wulp, all a the citizens 'r gone now. I'm off ta the Council Chambers for the meetin'. See ya there <a-hyuh>!"

Awesome. I just convinced a whole city to do my will.

I should really start abusing them for my own amusement.