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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 17

16. The Big Blue

Apparently, we weren't invited to the meeting.

Also, I think it's kind of funny that the majority of the attendants of said meeting are people we never actually helped.

: "Oh, Adam, you did it! Because of you, we Elurians are ready to help ourselves! The new Clean-Up Committee will keep the dangerous garbage from building up around the city, and the Flesh-Eater Watch will sound the alarms whenever that horrible monster gets close.

And thanks to your little lesson, we know a lot more about the dangers of human garbage - and how to avoid them."


: "I wish I could do more. I wish I could stop all this stuff from bothering you at all!"

The plight of every hippy.

: "Well, when you return to your world, just remember that feeling and maybe you can help things get better someday. For now, why don't you take this gold mask as a sign of our gratitude. I don't need it anymore. The citizens seem to actually listen to me as little old Superfluous. The GREAT SENATOR is gone for good."

That's good, because you sounded like a total douchebag when you did that.

: "Thanks, Superfluous - I mean, Mr. Mayor."

Later, dude.

: "Whew! Eluria is safe... for the moment."

: "What do you mean?"

It's Eluria. Someone's bound to ingest a knife laced with heroin soon, because that's just how they roll.

: "Well, the clean-up crews can't stop that horrid green ooze in the water - and Flesh-Eater will keep haunting us. And then there's our food supply <sigh>...

Jesus do you ever stop whining? You're lucky anyone's left. They'd all be dead by now if I wasn't here.

: "I think we still have to find Cetus, Adam. Now that the city is okay for a while, I think it's time to go search for him."

Search for him? You mean we should... SEARCH FOR CETUS?

: "How do we start?"

: "Remember, the Oracle wanted to see you again. Let's see what she has to say."

Well, okay, but if she makes me solve any more riddles I'm going to stab her with my baby spine.

...that sounds sexy.

Here you go have a mask!

Adam hands the gold mask to the Oracle, holding his breath with anticipation.

: "A 'Sign of Trust' is given to me.
A mask of gold for all to see.
Poseidon's favor has been won,
By the child 'Adam' - the chosen one.

Here now is the prophecy:

In the place where shadows creep,
Rests the poison of the deep.
What came from man must now return,
Lest the Kingdom die, the oceans burn.
Held hostage is the King of Peace,
None shall be safe 'til he's released.
Only Love can face The One Most Vile.
To save us all - a human child."

...the King of Peace? The Christian in me is cringing.

: "But HOW can I save the Kingdom?"

: "Only fragments can I see,
But let me tell them now to thee:

Armor for a modern knight,
A net of bones, a wall of stones,
A floating orb, a silver wire,
Will help you in a place most dire.

Here on parchment are the clues,
May Poseidon watch o'er you."

Adam takes the parchment scroll containing the prophecy from the Oracle.

oops. Accidently clicked out of whatever it is Dolphy just said. I'll just improvise.

: "Wow! A parchment! I would love to eat that and choke on it! All the cool kids are doing it! Can I please eat that, Adam? No...? FINE FUCK YOU I'M GOING THIS WAY NOW."

No one will suspect a thing.

Here's the parchment, by the way. Clicking on the random things just brings up portions of the prophecy.

Okay whatever just stop talking, you're annoying and I already miss you NOT being with me all the time. Don't you need a breath of air soon?


: "You're not nervous, are you, Dolphy?

: "Who me? Master of control? Nervous? We've got the prophecy and we've got our natural talent so, hey, what the heck. Flesh-Eater beware, right?"

Natural talent!? WHAT natural talent? Other than talking and smacking me with your tail, you haven't done jackshit so far and you're pissing me off a little more every time you say something stupid like that.

: "Right! Let's explore!"

But Adam's all about this so I guess we're off on an adventure.

err, Adam, wrong way.