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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 18

I don't know what number I'm on and frankly I don't really care

...It's a fish, kissing a mirror. Go away, I want that!

Adam picks up the old rearview mirror and puts it away.

: "Hey, cool, there was a diver down here the other day using something like that to attract the fish. Nice to find somebody who wants to make friends rather than collect us!"

Yeah, sure. Why the hell do you think he was trying to attract you guys? Didn't you see Finding Nemo?

Stupid dolphin.

Clean-up time!

Good job! Adam wins the recycle champ award!

Hey, why is this ear glowing?

: "Ooh, weird! Lemme look at that! Blow me away, it's a flashlight fish! He's one of those nocturnal types, so I dunno what he's doing there!"

: "Nocturnal?" don't know what that means?

: "Yeah, comes out at night, lives down deep during the day. I wonder why he didn't go home. Something must have happened."

You can train a dolphin but you don't know what nocturnal means? There's no hope for this ocean.

Anyways, what do you night-fish have to say for yourself?

...well, I guess that explains the talking fish thing...kind of. I guess.

Wait, no it doesn't. What the hell?

Well, nothing left here. Onward!

Pretty scene, but nothing of interest. What's up in that hole up there?

...err, that one is private.

There we go.

It's a pirate. That's...kind of random. Also, I'm pretty sure this geography is screwed up. Weren't we just at the ocean floor a few seconds ago?

The pirate ghost has the job of guarding the treasure. The pirate chief made sure he wouldn't quit.

Hmm. Okay, only one thing to do.

Grab the phallic-shaped thing, Adam!


...he just scratched his ass. And here I thought this game couldn't surprise me.

: "I think I felt it give a little!"


The pike snaps into pieces and the key goes flying into the water.

...wait, there was a key? Bonus.

What do you say to that, stupid chest?

Oh. It was unlocked, easy to open and crab-filled.




Right, enough fuckin' around, time to get that ke just did not eat my key.

: "Hey, you, give that back!"

: "After him, Adam, what a pig!"