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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 1

1. Adam sure is a doofy little fucker

Have they even done anything recently? Sierra used to be the shit.

Damn quick moving screens. Just pretends that's polution or something.


Also, hey Ecoquest let's play this wonderful game

Okay there's the dolphin, and this little fruit dances around for about 10 minutes while the opening credits roll in.

But I ain't watchin that shit and neither are you.

Welcome to Adam's house. Adam seems to be missing his shirt.

: "If you want to go join that volleyball game, Adam, it's okay by me."

Adam's father, Al Borland, wants him to get off of his duff and go out to play with the other kids.

: "Why not take a break?"

Adam is such a doofy looking kid.

Nice face there, Adam.

: "It's always that way when you move. Sooner or later you make friends. It'll happen."

: "Sure. Maybe later."

"In the meantime, though, I'm going to enjoy reading this book on my earth rug and stay shirtless because that's just how I roll."

See, Adam? This is how a MAN walks.

: "Okay, lab rat! If you're going to stay inside, come give me a hand with this!"

: "Sure. What's up?"

: "I found another bird this morning. These oil spills make me so mad I can't see straight."

Do we get to keep it? Cause if this is one of those catch and release things I want to take no part in it.

: "Anyhow, let's see what we can do about it. Take a closer look, then get a rag ready."

Aww. Poor seagull. Although, that doesn't really look much like a seagull at all. The beak is unnaturally pointy. Although maybe I'm wrong and that's normal but whatever I don't care it's a seagull I guess.

Grabbin' the soap and rag.


Touching the bird would upset it more.

... Fuckin' with all of my fun here, Adam.

Unless of course you die, that is.

Inventory screen. I guess that's a rag and some soap. It looks like a chewed up piece of gum and some white-out.

Adam puts some of the dishsoap onto the clean rag. The rag is soapy. Hmmm. Squdgy!

Squdgy would be a good forums name.

Apply directly to the birdy.

: "Great! Hold on a sec! Easy now, pal!"

Not shown: Father scouring the everloving shit off of the bird as if he were grinding paint off of an old Buick.

: "Try to apply the soap with the grain of the feathers. That'll get most of the oil without breaking them."

: "Gross...will the bird die?"

: "He might. Depends how much of a shock he's had. We're doing all we can."

Which is a parent's way of saying "Yeah probably"

: "Why don't you finish up?"

Yes, give a very delicate procedure to a kid who can't even find his shirt. Good job.

...he just got ALL of the oil off of that bird. You should hire that kid, for you know, whatever it is that you do.

: "Should I take him outside and let him go?"

: "Not just yet. The soap removes his natural oils, too, and that's what makes him float. He'd be shark bait until they build up again. We'll just take care of him and hope for the best."

Yay! We get to keep the birdy!

: "I wish there was something more to do."

: "Me too. I feel like all we do is clean up after the fact. And it doesn't work too well.

Even this fertilizer solution I'm working on for cleaning up the surface depends on too many factors, such as water temperature, current, stuff like that."

I have no idea what you're talking about

: "Blast! I'm late again! All these meetings are getting to me."

Are any of these meetings getting me a new mommy? Because Jesus you've been cranky lately.

: "So, do you want to go outside or stay here and maybe work with the dolphin? He's not recovering well from being entangled in that driftnet. He could use some encouragement!"

Play with a bunch of faggot kids or swim with dolphin. What would you choose?

: "Wow, could I work with the dolphin?"

: "Yeah, go ahead. Just take a look at my instructions on the blackboard in the treatment room first, though. We have to make sure we're all doing the same thing with him."

k i'll be sure to do that

: "Gotta run! Committees!"

Go out there and get laid, dad. It's starting to get really pathetic.

And our stoic little friend stares off into nothing. Doofy little kid.

Hey guys what should I do in this room give me some suggestions I am just a little kid without a shirt