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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 19

Move, move, move!

Hey what's this thing?



Adam picks up the brightly-colored fishing lure. sue me. I have ADD for flashy moving things.

I have you now, asshole!

Psych! The red fish takes off again!

Oh, you shithead.

I'm going to kill you, thief. GIVE ME BACK MY KEY.

: "Dunno, Adam, but I do know he's packing iron!"

...I hate you.

...I hate the ocean.

The anemone heaves with discomfort. Clearly, he's bitten off more than he can chew.

Is that right? I bet you he can eat more.

Eat this lure, fatty.

Adam moves the bright fishing lure in front of the anemone.

...oh, that's the key. He...ate the fish. That's pretty ironic. Anemone's are cool.

: "I guess that'll show him to get grabby!"

Adam picks up the key and tries not to think about where it's been.

Human team wins!

Okay, let's go check out that thing.

...oh dear.

A creeping tentacle firmly grabs Adam's wrist.

...oh dear.

: "Hey, let go of me!"

: "Yow! It's an octopus - we've disturbed his lair. They're these depresso loner dudes. They like to live by themselves, really antisocial."

Depresso Loner Dudes is a good name for a band.

: "They'll defend their territory against anyone, especially another octopus. Octopus fighting is not a pretty sight. All those tentacles, you know."

Really? I want to see that. It sounds funny.


The octopus peers into the mirror. Red with rage, he charges out to fight the "other" octopus!

...oh my God, what have I awoken?? Don't kill me!

Whoops! The octopus sees Adam, a human! White with fear, he shoots a cloud of ink and flees!

Welp, thanks for that.

Also, hey, Dolphy, what the hell are you looking at up there?

: "Phew! Just like skunks!"

: "Actually, like octopi! That ink's supposed to be, like, a fake octopus to throw you off the track!"

Okay whatever shut up just give me that thing the octopus was hoarding.

Adam reaches down and pulls out the cable.

: "A gleaming wire! I'm beginning to get an idea about what the Oracle meant!"

What? Someone's calling for help!

...There's no one here. Damn it.

I want to open up this box because it looks interesting. But it's too hard to pry apart with my fingers.


Adam places the trident under one corner of the tank lid and yanks. The lid pops off and falls to the sand.

I shall plunder whatever is in this toilet! No one can stop my quest for seemingly irrelevent items!

Adam pulls the toilet float from inside the tank.

: "What's this round thing? Oh, I know, it's called a float."

: "Round... let's see, what does that remind me of..."

: "It's the prophecy again! A floating orb! Not what I expected at all."

: "Even the Oracle has a sense of humor, I suppose."

I hate prophecies.