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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 21

Slaughtermelon posted:

You're going to have to surface and enroll in a class to get your cave diver certification to solve this puzzle. Diving in areas one is not trained for is the leading cause of accidental scuba deaths.

Fuck that.

As soon as I swam in, Dolphy immediately started bitching about the lack of light. He's such a whiny idiot.

Stop your crabbing. We're prepared this time.

Adam holds out the glowing jar. The flashlight fish senses the friendly dark of the cave. Gathring courage, it swims out of the jar and settles down between two rocks.

: "What a relief! Now I can see where I'm going."

Good for you. Shut up. Don't you need to take a breath soon?

Adam puts the empty jar into his recycle bag.

Okay, let's explore this pla


The flashlight fish's steady glow reveals an opening clogged with brownish rocks. It looks almost like a "wall of stones!"

Gee where have I heard about that before oh wait blah blah blah prophecy shut up.

Adam reaches up and pulls on one of the brownish rocks. It falls easily to the floor of the cave. A strange, green light seeps through the small hole.

Commence lots of stone pulling.

: "Hey, those are coming out, no problemo!"

Who says problemo nowadays? Who even said it back then?

: "Yeah, it feels more to me like somebody put these here."

More and more stones.

The greenish color of the water intensifies as the rocks come out.

I'm getting a bad feeling about this.

: "I think something's happening to the water, Adam. I'm getting dizzy. My sonar feels a little off or something.

: "Should I stop?"

Are you kidding? No way. Keep on going, maybe he'll pass out or something.

: "No, we've got to find out what's on the other side."

A couple more rocks.

The light strikes something hidden behind the rocks.

That's nice. I think I can fit through that hole now.

: "No! It's too dangerous to go int here. I can sense things you can't and I have a very bad feeling about this! You need more protection to swim into water like that.

I really should have just played volleyball with those other kids and left you rotting in that fucking pool.

Fine. Let's check out that shiny thing.

It's locked, you say?

Not for long!

The key turns halfway, but stops. Rust has jammed the turning mechanism. convenient. Fortunately for Adam, though, I'm a hoarder.

Adam eases the lock with the oily rag. The key turns smoothly in the oiled lock. The box pops open to reveal a suit of protective clothing.

: "I've seen clothes like this - they protect your skin from chemicals. Armor for a modern you suppose this is it?"

That sure would be convenient. You aren't going to bother explaining why it's buried in a cave, are you?

I guess not.

Adam feels an immediate relief. Whatever was in the water was making it really hard to think.

: "Adam, I can't go any farther. Whatever is in this water is really affecting me. I'll wait right here as long as I can take it."


Adam signals "okay" to Dolphy.


...oh jeez.

A group of metal drums lies rusting in this hidden spot! A familiar greenish glow seeps from rusting patches in the metal. Now Adam realizes what the Oracle meant by "poison of the deep".

Poison of the deep?

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