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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 22

Okay. Um. What can you tell me about this mess, third-party voice?

Adam has found an illegal dumping site! The strange green glow, the huge number of dead animals and plants that have puzzled his Dad now make sense.

I don't remember him ever mentioning anything about strange green glows or anything but whatever, who am I to argue with Adam?

The deadly poison which lurks in the drums has been slowly released into the water, bringing disaster to the reef. The skeletons of unfortunate creatures who wandered here cover the floor of the cave. In some strange way, the poison has attracted the fish to this spot. Once they absorb the deadly chemicals, most have fallen lifeless to the ocean floor.

Unless you're Dolphy who apparently has a sixth sense about green floating crap in the water. These other fish are pretty stupid and dead.

The ghostly shape of a sea fan skeleton is a witness to the desolation. A foul, filmy growth hangs in loops from the ceiling of the cave.

Well, that's all well and good. How do we do the environmentally friendly thing here?

Actually screw it I just want to get out of here.

...but apparently the drums are in my way and I can't muster the energy to climb over them I guess.

Okay, it's time to face the inevitable or I'm never going to get out of this deathtrap.

Adam attaches the float to the cable. He now has a working buoy.

Adam attaches the tranmitter to the float at the end of the cable.


The cable now has the 'float' and transmitter attached to it. The float will make one end of the cable rise to the surface while the other end can be attached to something on the ocean floor. The transmitter will produce a satellite signal.

Okay, let's do this! what?

Let's go get Dolphy's opinion on the situation I'm sure he has some important and worthwhile advice for me.

This is still creepy.

: "Whew, that suit's hot. I had to get it off for a second. I found it, Dolphy! I know what the 'poison of the deep' means in the prophecy. Somebody's dumped toxic waste in a whole bunch of barrels. It's incredible - everything wait hold on you've got to see the look on Adam's face here."

It's like he's coming on to Dolphy as he's telling him about the massive death and waste up ahead.

: "What do we do now?"

: "I know I shouldn't touch them. My dad's been real clear with me about that. He's done a lot of research into salvaging this sort of stuff."

Wow, Adam's already had the father-son "Don't touch toxic waste, even with a rubber suit" talk? They just keep getting younger, don't they?

: "You need experts to deal with toxic waste safely. I know some things, but I'm definately NOT an expert."

: "Can't you figure something out?"

No Jesus do something for yourself for once.

: "I'm working on it."

: " I know you have everything you need, Adam. The solution has got to be some human-type device - otherwise, we ocean creatures could handle it ourselves."

I'm not really sure why Dolphy added that. I guess if I was missing something, he'd say something else.

Okay, Dolphy's no help. Let's try this again.

...oh. Oops. I didn't click on the barrel. My bad. Also, I seriously doubt that a toilet float could lift all of that.

Adam turns on the transmitter and attaches his improvised satellite buoy to the barrel! The float rises toward the surface. The transmitter is emitting a constant, powerful signal."

Well, given the EPA's timeliness in manners like this, and given that the game was released in the early nineties, I'm sure that the toxic drum problem will be solved sometime within the next few years, if they're lucky.

Adam watches from a distance as the divers carefully collect the drums. Grimly, they bear them to the surface and stow them on the boat for safe disposal on land. Adam gives the metal box and suit as evidence of illegal dumping. He returns to the reef to find Dolphy and continue the search for Cetus.

...are you serious? He puts out the transmitter for two seconds, and divers are all gungho about cleaning up toxic waste? I really have a hard time believing all of this.

Wait, there's more than one part?

: "They've taken it away, that's true. But I'm afraid it will be a long time before anything can survive here. We also have to worry about catching the people who did this. It looks to me like they've been using this spot for a while. But that's something I'll have to leave up to my dad."

Adam's dad: Co-host of Tool Time, environmentalist, bounty hunter.

: "And we still haven't found Cetus."

Well that's not a problem, maybe he's over here. whales here. Let's just give up. He's probably made into candles by now.

Candles and soap.

This update is PG for language, just for fun. It's really hard to not swear. The internet has warped me, seriously.