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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 24

Okay, it dumped me back here, proving that I could have gotten through the other side of the cave without going through the nuke tub drop.

Alright, it's time to save Dolphy!

Adam gathers up his courage and approaches Flesh-Eater's lair, determined to save his friend Dolphy.

I'm coming!


But the horrid manta is not in the mood for guests and sends Adam flying as easily as a human might swat a gnat.

Adam is no match for the great brute. If Dolphy is to be saved, Adam must find Cetus!

Welp, okay. Dolphy's hosed.

Let's go check out the stuff over here.

The harpoon gun is a reminder of the dreadful practice of whale hunting. This one has been triggered. The cable from the harpoon is still attached to the gun.

That looks weird. Let's fix it.


: "It's stuck! That cable is really wedged in there."

...ho. Hmm. Okay, well...

It worked before.

Adam wedges the trident under the crack of the bloated ship's door and pushes on the handle as hard as he can.

I really want to know where he's keeping that thing.

The waterlogged wood suddenly gives way and the door pops free of it's frame!

Ahahaha waterlogged wood

The cable that had been jammed under the door suddenly jerks tight as though pulled by a mighty weight.

...and through the open ship's door, Adam hears a sound...

...a sound unmistakably sad, unmistakably deep, unmistakably haunting...

...unmistakably a whale's call!, how'd that picture get here?

There we go.

The whale call is louder here. It's echoing down from somewhere above the ship.

I see more pointy things to pilfer!

There's a rack of harpoons on the cabin wall. One appears to be missing. Adam examines the harpoons. Each harpoon has an iron shaft and a harpoon head. The harpoon heads are barbed like a fish hook so that the harpoons can't be pulled out without serious damages to the whale - unless the harpoon heads are cut off from inside the whale first harpoon harpoon harpoon.

I might need that. For Flesh-Eater, you know.

Adam wants nothing to do with the harpoons!

Fine. Hippy.

Adam holds his breath with anticipation and swims up to investigate. Following the taut cable up and up, towards the surface light...

Slow down, son, you're gonna get the bends.

Up and up, not looking where he's going...

Until suddenly...

: "WHOA!"

He just got knocked back like 100 feet. He must've been BLAZING up from the ocean floor.