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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 3

3. Daawwwphin

Okay guess I'd better figure out how to take care of this dolphin

Seems pretty straightforward.

: "Hi, hey, you're swimming better than yesterday."

: "You'll feel better in no time at all and we can take you home."

: "You've had a hard time, but we're not going to keep you or anything. We're just trying to help you get better."

Go to hell. I'm keeping him, along with the birdy inside. They're going to be best of friends.

Adam's soothing voice got through to him. It looks like he's decided to make friends.

Aww, is Dolphie hungry? What did that list say to do next?

Eh whatever instructions are for fags anyways

Hey, where are you goin

Oh you asshole.

Okay okay whatever fine. I thought I was a dolphin-handler or some shit. I should know better than some stupid game.

: "Sorry I scared you! I'll take it easy this time.

: "It's just... I want to make friends with you so bad that I get impatient."

: "I wish I could make you understand how much we want to help you."

The dolphin suddenly focuses on Adam. Adam's voice must have gotten through to him!

Then he eyes that awesome bucket by the door again.

Fine I'll feed you shut up about it

Actually, maybe I'll just feed Adam.

Picky eater >:|

: Catch tha fish, big gahl!

And again!

...not touchin' that one

The third one he tossed back into the bucket.

Moving slowly and carefully, Adam climbs into the pool. He can feel the dolphin's delight at having some company.

Please stop circling me. It's kinda creepy.

: "That was fun! Do it again! Hey, where are you going?"



: "Whoa, good one!"

Then he bounced around me like a goof for about a minute.

: "You're making me dizzy!"

Yay! Dolphin ride!

: "Wow, I accept!"

Adam cups his hand and the dolphin swims up under it and pulls Adam into a whirling, swooping ride around the pool.

Commence whirling, swooping ride around the pool that I'm too lazy to pictuate for you.

: "Hey, thanks, that was the greatest!"

This dolphin is making it really hard to stay clean. I can't help it if it keeps trying to be sexy with me.

We play around with the frisbee for a few minutes. The dolphin really doesn't seem quite as pissed off as he did in the beginning...maybe Adam just is an awesome dolphin trainer.

Go long, Dolphie!

...what the hell


Next time: what the hell