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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 4

4. What the hell

: "Huh? You talked!"

: "Did I? Oh, uh, I guess I did...Er, I guess the hermit's out of the crab, so to speak!"

Expect a lot of sea puns in this game, by the way.

: "Allow me to introduce myself, Adam--"

: "And you know me name?"

: "Nothin' wrong with my hearing - above or under the water! As I was trying to say, my name's Delphineus!"

: "Del- er, what?"

Guess what. I'm never going to call you that, ever, and neither is Adam. Your name is Dolphy from now on.

: "Del-phin-e-us Dolphy, got it! Complicated name."

: "Cetus, our Great Whale King named me. Of course, it sounds different in our language, sort of like this: --##++|***."

There are some other symbols too but I have no idea how to make them with my keyboard and the stupid mouse cursor got in the way so it'd make a bad screenshot.

: "I believe your human scientists call that my 'signature whistle'. I also speak tuna and some of the more obscure coral dialects! Those are too high-pitched for you to hear. Anywhere, they're only useful in my kingdom."

What possible need does a dolphin have to speak 'coral'?

: "Cool! Your kingdom?"

Didn't you ever see The Little Mermaid?

: " kingdom, it's...Oh no! My kingdom! Cetus!!! I remember now. I don't know what I've been thinking! How long have I been here?"

: "About a week. You were in pretty bad shape--"

: "A week! What a disaster! I've got to get out of here right away!"

Like hell. You think I wanted to keep a dolphin? Imagine how much I want to keep a TALKING dolphin. You're not goin' anywhere.

: "Hold on. I'm not getting this. What are you talking about? What's the matter?"

: "That's me all over. Just rushing straight ahead, not looking where I'm going. That's how I got into this mess in the first place. When I ran into that net, it's because I was searching for Cetus. He's missing and I was sent to find him. Maybe he's in trouble, or hurt, or worse. I have to find out before it's too late!"

Yeah because God forbid the ocean be without their beloved whale.

um Adam what are you doi

Oh what in the christ

: "Of course I'll help you, Dolphy!"

Creepy bastards.

Dolphy then swims over there and stares at the side of the pool and bitches at me every ten seconds.

: "Adam, please help me got out here!"

Man, he really wants something. I wonder what it is?

I think he wants to play with the frisbee some more!

: "Well, maybe just a couple more tosses, then I gotta go!"

...wait, what? I was just kidding.

Seriously don't we have to save your king or something? We shouldn't actually be playing with the frisbee.

the frisbee is behind the asshole mouse cursor

...well, that's special. The god damn dolphin is flying around the screen.

I somehow actually got points for doing that bullshit.

Proof that I'm not completely full of shit.

Anyways, time to progress.

Adam demonstrates poor ergonomics.

: "There, I've opened the hatch. Dad said you were almost ready anyway, so I know he wouldn't mind."

"Hey dad, while you were gone I released the hurt dolphin back into the wild. That was okay, right?"

: "I guess this is it. I'd say to thank your Dad, but he'd think you were nuts."

: "My dad might surprise you. Are you sure you have to go?"

: "Cetus is my king, Adam. If he needs my help, I can't fail him. But I won't forget you."

: "I won't forget you either, Dolphy. Good luck..."

Adam watches sadly as Dolphy swims out to sea.

Bye, Dolphy! Game over, sea you guys next game!

get it, sea you guys, hahahahahahaha.

Next time: Adam gets a completely unexpected surprise!