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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 5

4. What the hell do you want Dolphy

I really hate that stupid cursor, but I'm too lazy to turn it off since it's good for pointing out shit.

Does he EVER put on a shirt?

A familiar figure appears on the horizon.

Oh boy, just who I wanted to see today. The flying talking dolphin is back, dad! Get my pills!

: "Dolphy! I'm so glad to see you! I've been wondering what happened to you all week."

I'm pretty sure Adam has no friends and never has had friends.

: "Did you find your missing king?"

: "No, things are worse than ever... gotta catch my breath."

: "Slow down. Take your time. What do you mean?"

: "Strange things are happening in the kingdom, oh, it's too hard to explain! If only you could see it!"


: "Well, I could see it. I'll just go back there with you!"

: "You! A human? You must be joking! Human lungs could never last where we'd be going! You'll have to get ready, Adam, before I could even consider it!"

For future reference, bottlenose dolphins can hold their breath for seven minutes. Keep this in mind.

Anyways, we find some shit in here.


Adam picks up the diving equipment and the transmitter.

: "Okay, now I'm ready! I've got everything!"

You forgot a diving knife. And maybe a harpoon gun.

: "Hurry up, then! I have the worst feeling we don't have much time."

Don't sass me bitch or I'm going to cut off your fucking tail and eat it.

Adam empties his pockets.

He puts on his fins, gloves, and mask and jumps into the water.


We head out to sea.

...dude, you're the one who knows where we're going.

um is it over here?

Fine whatever I'm just gonna go jump on that cruise ship over there since you're a useless shithead, Dolphy's bleeding.

: "Oh, aaagh. Look at all this putrid stuff!"

: "That's why they call it bilge. It's all their garbage, everything, and I do mean everything."

Actually it's not everything I invite you to go check out that one [ASK] thread about working on a cruise ship and they don't just throw out everything okay you stupid dolphin.

: "Hey, look at that kid, he's about to lose control of the balloons! HEY, KID, LOOK OUT!...the wind's too strong - he's gonna let go."

Um ok. That happens all the time at Disney. Why should I give a shit?

: "Oh, no, the wind was too strong! Those babies were filled with helium, too. They can drift hundreds of miles till they sink."

Oh, so it'll be on land by that point then. Cool. No need to worry.

Anyways, time to do the ecologically correct thing and pick up this perfectly legal mess that was made here.

Adam picks up the glass jar and stows it away in his pack.

...that was a jar? Besides, I thought my bag was a recyling bag. Isn't it all going to be recycled?

Go Adam, Go!

: "Time to dive, Adam! We're close to the boundaries of my kingdom, Eluria! Do you still want to go on?"

Now how in the fuck do you know that? We're in the middle of the ocean.

: "Oh, yes, Dolphy! Do you think your friends will let me help?"

: "Maybe not at first, Adam. They're pretty afraid fo humans, you know. Bad experiences and all that. But they sent me for help and I'm bringing it. I'm bringing you! Get ready to dive!"

"Thank God, Dolphy! You brought us an eight-year-old!"

: "Put those human things on, Adam!"

Jesus hold your damn horses.

For those of you who missed that, he just tossed his airtank into the air and caught it on his back.

This is the most realistic game ever.


: "Oh, my head! I feel kinda funny. I mean, funny peculiar."

: "Maybe we ought to go back. You could still be hurt!"

: "No, it's not that. I think there was something in that garbage we swam through. It's interfered with my sonar - you know, my direction-finding senses."

I'm pretty sure cruise ships drop their human waste offshore.

You guys just swam through shit.

: "What do you want to do? That's a lot of tangled seaweed up ahead."

: "We have to go through. Cetus used to clear a path for us, but it's gotten overgrown. There's one way through. I can follow if you lead."

Oh okay good plan, you know the way, so let's have you follow me. Solid solution!

: "Okay, I'll try!"

oh fuck this.

Next time: The seaweed maze!