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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 6

6. Eylurya

: "It's around her somewhere. Believe me, you'll know it when you see it."

You useless motherfucker.

Not here.

Not here either.

...oh. There it is. That took like, literally, forty seconds. What were we worried about?

: "She is beautiful, isn't she? Her name is home."

It reminds me of Zeal and that makes me nervous right off the bat.

What a disgusting hovel.

: "I think you need to talk to the Oracle. The Oracle of Eluria can see into the future. If anyone would know what you shoudl do to help the city, it'd be her. I'd better go see what's been going on since I left."

Haven't you only been gone like, an hour at most? It can't have gotten THAT much worse since then.

: "I'll be at the Fish Apartments if you need me. Good luck, Adam."

Fish Apartments is a good name for a whorehouse.

Yes I recognize various things floating at the bottom of the ocean.

I can click on fish and shit that pass by but nine out of ten times it pops up something like this:

To Adam, this fish looks a little like a lobster...and a little bit like a loach! Maybe it's a loachster!

And I sure as fucking shit don't have the patience to transcribe that and pictures take too long so fuck that shit so hard.

Instead, let's clean up this shithole.

Don't we all feel better now?

Hello what is this

Adam picks up the steel cage, thinking that it might come in handy.

Yeah cause I hate it when I'm somewhere where I need a steel cage and I get all pissed off because I don't have a steel cage on me

Wait, what the hell is that?

Wisps of oogy green stuff occasionally float by. Adam doesn't know what it is, but he knows he doesn't want to get near it.

...oogy green stuff. That's education, right there.

Let's check out the statue, because I want to and I don't see you complaining about it

 oh ass i forgot to do something 

Anyways, let's ask the statue what to do.

Poseidon stonily refuses to reply.

...I would have transcribed this, but the look on Adam's face and the context of the statement didn't let me.

The servent does not reply.

Well, damn. I was sure the inanimate object would help me. Let's check the building to the right.

What a pretty room under the sea HEY I SEE SOMETHING TO PILFER

Adam takes the broze conch shell.

YOINK. adam likes conch :e

Let's go look at the wall to the left.

Hey, I have one of these puzzles in my closet somewhere. Let's give it a go.

two minutes later

two minutes later

two minutes later


thanks, help button

so, apparently nothing happens, other than a point boost. That was a waste of ten minutes. Fuck this temple and fuck Eluria and fuck fish. I'm going to litter really hard tomorrow.

Next time: The best little whorehouse in Eluria!