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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 7

7. Fish Apartments 5$$ xxx

Why, exactly, can't the fish clean up this shit? There's no excuse for this. Get the lobsters, they have claws.

: "Whew! Things hve gotten even worse since then the last time I was here! I'm trying to help out in the Fish Apartments now, but I'm afraid I'm not good at this sort of thing."

So far, I haven't seen you be good at anything other than "run into nets" and "frighten eight year olds by flying around the screen."

: "Have you found the Oracle yet?"

: "No. Not yet."

: "Oh. Don't worry, you'll find her."

Awesome. I couldn't really care less one way or another.

For future reference, the majority of the time whenever I talk to Dolphy gives me something like this little exchange:

: "Do you have an aspirin, Adam?"

: "I'm sorry, Dolphy, I don't."


: "Pyew, Dolphy, your jokes make me sick!"

I hate you so fucking much.

: "Ow! That one gave me an embolism."

Oh if only.

Two seconds later:

: "You can hang out here if you want, Adam. I've gotta go to the surface to breath. See ya back here later."

I like how he says "you can hang around here if you want" - as if he didn't BRING ME HERE in the first place. Where the hell else would I go?, Dolphy, the surface is up. You know that, don't you?

Stupid fucker.

Alright, clean-up time!

...why did Adam toss out the shirt?

There is something there we can't throw out, by the way.

So now we have a cloth in addition to the other shit.

Alright, in an effort at audience participation (and not just because I'm lazy), I'm asking you where you want to go. Do we check out any of these apartments? Which one first?

Or should we go look for the Oracle?

Here's a look at our inventory, because you care. .

Next time:
YOU decide!