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by Roar

Part 8

8. Fork

Glazius posted:

Ooh, ooh! Look in the pentagon door, look in the pentagon door!


It's a manatee. I think. It looks kind of like Gonzo.

: "I'd like to go inside and visit the fish."

: "Nope, nope, nope. No can do. I'm Gregarious and I'm 'sposed to keep strangers out. That's ma' job. And I don't know you from Adam."

Do all fish have needlessly long, awkward and stupid names? What ever happened to Tiger or Stripes?

: "But I AM Adam!"

: "Sorry. Sorry. No can do. You'll need a pass ta get in. Yup. A pass."

: "Where can I get that?"

: "Ya got me. <a-hyuh> I'm just the watchman."

At this point, Adam should be like "okay fine I guess you all don't want my help I'm just going to go back home and read my Ecoquest hints book some more and forget about you shitheads."

What does the game tell us about this colorful, blue character?

Gregarious the manatee is a mammal. Manatees swim in warm water and breathe air at the ocean's surface. Gregarious is the watchman for the Fish Apartments.

The manatee looks a little odd. He's turned bright blue and covered with bandages.

Huh. Welp, I guess we'd better grope him.

...that didn't work. Okay.

I guess we'll go this way, then.

Here's an abandoned Greek building we haven't been into yet.

You know, why the hell is all this greek shit here anyways? Aren't we still in American waters?


While out of place on the mural, the mask is firmly held down. It's not going anywhere.

...I just can't win.

Anyways, let's go steal things from old statues.

Adam pulls and pulls at the bronze trident, but Poseidon has it firmly in his grasp and is not ready to let go of it.

Hmm. Well, damn. I have an idea, though!

Adam places the bronze shell into the cupped hands of the servant, keeping his fingers crossed that this will work!

Poseidon has loosened his grip on the trident!

...well, how about that.

I have no idea how I would have figured that out if I didn't remember it from the last time I played.

Well, now I have a trident. I know exactly what to do with it!

I want to eat Angelfish


Let's go check out the other side of this room.

Too bad Adam can't press all three eyes at once.

Yeah too bad huh

...that's the Oracle? It looks like Calvin. If Calvin were mutated into a crazy looking fish.

Next time:

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