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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 10

I'm going to start paraphrasing some of this shit. The bitch Adam is staring at is the lazy girl those three hags on the left side are whining about. She says she doesn't have any good tools to do shit with so she can't do shit. I can't do shit with her right now so shit shit shit.

Little douche: They're all mad at me 'cause I lost their old drum. Leave me alone.

The dude at the bottom right is patching up the Shaman's house. He won't see me unless I have a sky sapphire, whatever the fuck that is.

I give the little douche back his drum...

And he goes to town with it.

Since the Shaman won't see me, I'm going to leave this bee making pod shit outside of his house. (apparently those pods and the sap from the tree are used for bee sting, I don't remember whether or not I mentioned that.)

: Come back later. I am sure he will do it soon.

Following game logic, I left the room and came back again.

He's a quick motherfucker.


I picked up some of those berries at the top right because Adam is hungry or something I guess I don't know I made that up but I don't know how to make it sound like I didn't just read a points guide to figure this out.

Underneath the berries, though...

Yup. A dolphin's tooth. Despite the fact that they're probably hundreds of miles from the nearest dolphin.

Mudhag: Please let me give you something in return.

I would make a symbol here but she's hideous. Besides, all she gave me was a fucking clay cup.

You NEED a love charm necklace, you're more hideous than the mudhag.

AHHHH: But it's my sister's. I can't take it without her permission.

gaayyyy. Apparently, her sister is the Mudhag and she doesn't mind me giving it away, so hurray.

She compensated by giving me a terrible necklace in its place. It's really old, supposedly and it's ugly as hell. The only important part of this exchange?