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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 11

For some stupid reason, Adam DOESN'T mercy-kill this clusterfuck of idiots. He gives the machete to the lazy chick. Adam's an idiot.

Lazyslut: A sharp machete! Now I an get to work again. Those who have said I am lazy will regret it. Wait just a minute! I will give you some roots. They make a most excellent drink. But do not eat them - they are poison unless prepared carefully.

...hmm...a machete for poison. That's not a bad trade. I can kill these people slowly!

Oh fuck you Adam.

Old fucking ladys: blah blah blah we will give a sweet drink please enjoy it.

Maybe I can give it to that guard over here.

I guess not.

I'm going to use it to catch a butterfly instead.

Would you like a butterfly?

Guard asshole: Fly free, my friend. I wished only to ...wait wait wait. You gotta see the look on this dick's face.

Guard asshole: You teach us that things are beautiful because of the way we see them. You have done as I asked, Adam. I am certain the shaman will see you now. Come in!

Yeah pretty sure you asked me for a jewel or something but whatever let's get this over with.'ve got to be fucking me.

: Sinchi! YOU are the shaman!

Shaman: Well, I cannot resist a little joke. A shaman appears quite ordinary...most of the time. Forest Heart wishes me to help you. Her time is ending and we feel her great heart weaken.

: Can't you do something for her?

Shaman: It is the way of things. She must pass on. If only there were a seedling to follow her!

Yeah, Adam, stop trying to save the tree's life!

: I'll try to find another seedling. But I don't know how to start.

Shaman: The Grove People may be able to help, but first you must become one of us.

Or you could just help me now considering I've just been your village's bitch for the last few hours.

: What do I have to do?

Adam still wants to be a bitch apparently. He never changes.

Shaman: Sit before me and mix the heart paint. From it we will trace the pattern of life in the forest. Then our ways will enter your heart.

Yeah totally wasn't paying attention.

Um, dude, there's a spider on my plate now.

Shaman: Quiri! Not there! How can Adam mix the paint?

Best character in the game so far.

Shaman: Apasancas are so stubborn. He won't listen to me. Perhaps you can get him to move. But watch your fingers!