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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 12

Okay so I patched up Awesome Spider's hole above his plate with the sticky leaf so it's not wet anymore so he can let me paint my face or something


Shaman: The answer to this problem lies in the words of your world.

Check your game manual for the names of these patterns. Then put more paint into the pot.

Yeah, I'll do that.

Thank you, person whose name I can't remember right now who sent me pictures of the answers.

Yep sure did.

Shaman: I have given this problem much thought. I believe the answer may lie in the past, in the Time Before when Forest Heart and the Grove People began. We will gather to help you.

Wait, the answer lies in the past? Are we going back in time? Because that would be cool as shit.

Or we could just be having a nice little gathering inside of Forest Hearts belly. That's cool too I guess.

Shaman: Others have joined us and become the Grove People. But long ago, it is said, the Old Ones fled into the Forest. We are the children's children. We carry the memories of the days when Forest Heart was young. We seek a mind picture of that other place, where we and Forest Heart were born. The green memory will unlock that time. He who desires that gift must give it first to us.

According to the FAQ I'm blatently stealing from, he wants me to give him the leaf that Forest Heart gave me, which kind of makes me wonder why I was carrying the damn thing around for so long.

: Forest Heart gave me this. Is that what you want?

Shaman: We will begin.

He then proceeds to twirl the thing around his head like a fuckwad.

Shaman: I, Sinchi, call on you all. Dream with me.

The AHHH lady: "We dream of our mother's mother's moth long ago. She, too, wove the thread in a place far away.

Mudhag: She shaped the clay in a time long ago.

That guy with the machete: My father's father's fater was strong in wisdom. It was a city of stone.

That kid with the drum: The children played on the warm stone. There was a lake.

Okay do I really need to be here for this?

Shaman: The years have passed. We no longer live as we once did.

Mudhag: Greed entered the hearts of our people.

The AHHH lady: "And something woke beneath the lake.

That guy with the machete: The people fled, the Forest welcomed them.

That kid with the drum: And with them, in a blanket of earth, came Forest Heart.

Shaman: We planted her and cared for her. She gave us everything. The memory of who we were slept.

Okay, wait a second. Your father's father's father was only like, what, seventy or eighty years ago? Maybe a hundred? There's no way Forest Heart could be that big in that short amount of time.

Then they all break into a chorus of "AWAKE" and like-minded redundant phrases that probably don't do anything in the long run.

Then I see this thing.

Shaman: Our ancient home lies before you! It is Cibola! The City of Gold. There you must journey and seek the true gold. Only then will you find the seedling of Forest Heart.

I'm going to the city of gold? Fuck the forest, I'm gonna get rich!

: But how will I find it? Where will I begin?

Then a bunch of flowers fell out of Forest Heart's brain.

Shaman: And that all her power lies within the petals of the flower. We do not understand that, but her gift is a great blessing. Keep it carefully.

oh dear she's dead. Okay, I guess I can go home now, I failed the mission.


I can't find you!

There's so much smoke!

Someone answer! Please!

I can't find the river!

Okay, that all just went a little crazier then usual right there.

Batty: Aaagh! A boy! Stay back from me or I will, I will... Just stay back! Your trap has worked but I, Paquita, say you will not touch me!

: I didn't set this trap! I'm lost anyhow, I was running from this fire.

Batty: I was running, too. And now I am alone. Perhaps you are not so bad. You are smaller than those firesetters. I cannot think well. My home is gone and this net is hurting my wings.

So retract them you dumbshit.

I really want to like him for being mean to Adam, but I'm sure the game is going to peg him as comic relief, so I have a feeling he's going to be the next Dolphy.

: I didn't think.

Batty: No, you did not think! Besides, I have asked to see something. The boy I can trust carries a token.

Okay you didn't ask me for shit you lying motherfucker.

: But how do you know Forest Heart?

Batty: You are so slow, it is provoking. Forest Heart, she is home to many bats.

: But I thought bats lived in caves.

Batty: So that is how much you know! We lived high among her branches. Now she is gone and we have no home.

Jesus I just now noticed how long his hair is in the back. He looks like a chick.

Batty: The others have fled, but I, Paquita, have come to a decision. I will help you! You must remove me from this net! Then I shall help you find the seedling.

: Huh?

Batty: I shall help you find Cibola, the real Cibola - not this nasty thing of the firesetters. I shall help you find the city of Gold!

Okay find shut up already


Okay I guess I'm hosed.

Reallllly hosed.