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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 13

I'm going to get raped, aren't I?

: I see you're awake. Good, that means we can have a little chat.

: About what? Who are you, anyhow?

: Don't get all tied up in knots, sonny -

: Hey, that's funny, boss. That's a good one!

yeah cause i'm tied up lol ahahahahahahahahaahaha

: Shut up, clown. The kid's about to tell me about the gold.

I like Adam's face here

: If you talk, maybe I'll cut you in.

: There isn't any gold, you wouldn't understand.

: I understand plenty! I'm not impressed.

Good comeback, dude.

"You wouldn't understand."

: We'll see what a day tied up in this sweat box will do for your tongue.

This is a sweatbox? Looks more like a warehouse to me. Also, face on crazy whitey.

: I'm getting out of here and I'll be back tonight. Get that shipment of birds ready. They're worth big bucks from the pet stores. Keep your eye on the kid. If he makes noise, gag him.

Pretty sure I'm still in the middle of the fucking rainforest with the only people crazy enough to kidnap a kid and a bat. Why bother gagging?

aahahhhpgpjhph. This picture makes me shudder.

: Hey, how would you like a nice reward? Just untie me and my dad will take care of it.

Yeah cause I'm sure that the whole ecology thing is much more lucrative than illegal bird smuggling. Fathead doesn't need your hippy-money, dude.

: You don't know Mr. Slaughter like I do. No dice. Nice little bat here. I've got a swell recipe for "Bat Stir-Fry." Yeah, that's sounding good to me.

Batty: Squeak!

: Hey, you leave her alone!

Oh. I guess it is a she. Whatev.

: Get you! It's just a crummy bat. And what're you gonna do to stop me? Beat me up? HAHAHAHA! Man, that's a good one.

: You're a real humorist.


: You stay here and sweat. I've got knives to sharpen.

Anyways long story short because these screenshots suck - Adam hops his stupid chair over to the cage and lets out the bat and the bat eats through his ropes.

wait I thought we were in a sweat box

I got a bunch of descriptions but they basically say "Hey look at all this stuff Slaughter's got that are MADE FROM ANIMALS!!!!" and that's pretty lame.

Adam pulls the fax transmission out of the machine. It has a Cibola Development letterhead.

I also pulled a tennis racket out of the case on the left. Not really sure what I'm going to do with it but I'm sure I'm not going to be playing tennis.

I'm going to walk out the door now but the bat isn't going to follow me until I give here the signal because she's a lazy whore.


And instead of bolting for the authorities, Adam patiently waits for him to waddle his fat ass back to the cabin and lets himself get tied up again.

Repeat opening bats cage and shit again.

Maybe you can shut the fuck up or I'll stir-fry you myself.