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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 14

Okay let's try this shit again

Alrighty. Made a hole in the house. Adam is terrific at destroying things.

It looks like it's a long way to the ground.

it's really not

Actually screw this I'm just going to start stealing shit.

Found his PDA, too!

lol it's funny because Slaughter is a bad person and he knows bad people oh Ecoquest 2 you are so topical




...oh ho ho. Slaughter's a vigalante.

Honestly I can't think of any way to get this other than the awesome FAQ I have bookmarked.

Anyways, the PDA has the combination to the safe, which is 582 but you don't care so neither do I.

The ancient golden mask stares blankly at Adam. He wonders who the young girl was and where she lived.

Adam recognizes his father's wallet.

A small key is carefully hidden here. It looks new.

It must be an important letter for Slaughter to keep it in the safe.

: "Hey, there's all my stuff!"

I like Adam's klepto streak. It's refreshing in a way.

The "important paper" is "customs papers for the transport of 'souvenirs'".


Adam's rope falls neatly through the hole in the floor. He sees that it reaches almost to the ground.

I made the rope out of the sheets by the way.

: "Be more careful, that Gonzales is a nasty customer. I do not care for the look on his face! If he bothers you again, I shall fly at his bald, ugly head!"

Okay thanks for that, princess.

...what in the FUCK is he doing?

oh okay that is what he is doing it makes perfect sense now (dailymotion because jesus youtube is taking a while) edit: Here's a youtube link because youtube is better

I would love to sneak up on him and scare his fat ass into a heart attack, but he just ties me back up again. You know, because Adam'll stay there if he just keeps doing it.

For some reason being up here sets off an alarm. It took three tries to get the fucking thing off before it got me caught.

I took that gold thing, which apparently is a dirt-devil knock-off.

Then this conveniently happened.

Adam promptly puts a pair of purple suspenders in his pocket.

Fortunately, little McGuyver here goes bungee on us. Even though it looks like he's hanging himself.


yeah that's a good enough place to end this update