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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 15

Okay headed into the next screen. The Lord of the Dance is cutting firewood.

Imma go feed those birdies as soon as dickcheese leaves the screen.

Oh you motherfuckers.

Let's try this again.

Feedin' em...

And usin' Slaughter's key to unlock 'em, even though they're assholes who got me caught.


Yeah I'm sure they're going to listen to you

: "Come back birdies, nice little birdies! Slaughter's gonna kill me!"

: "He'll be busy trying to catch those birds!"


Procure weapon!

...why can't Adam ever do anything COOL with these weapons?

As long as doing stupid things with other things, we're gonna use the tennis racket as a paddle!

How the hell far did Slaughter take us? We used to be in a huge forest. Or did they clear all this out overnight?

: "Soon it will be night and Slaughter will return! Oh no! It is that bad one! He has a boat!"

So what? So do we.

: "Where? What? I don't see anything!"

: "My bat eyes see him! I promise you! Oh, hurry! He is right behind you! Faster!"

That's as much as we see of this boat of Slaughter's. We're definately outclassed. If he'd move faster than "fucking slow", he'd have caught up to us a while ago.

: "Oh, Adam! Wait! I will save you!"

...huh. It's...a whirlpool. A really big one. In the middle of a seemingly sluggish river.

That somehow turns into this.

...I just don't fucking know anymore.