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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 17

Okay I guess I'm supposed to put the stone HERE. Stupid ambiguous bat


Man's neglect of the forest chains me here. No longer do men heed the simple things of nature. If you remember them, perhaps I will go free.

Yeah I'll totally transcribe all of this

Ah, child, I have waited so long to be free! I give you two gifts. The first is a reminder, the second is an ancient token. Remember me and this!

Wow I have never heard of this before ever

And oh gee a feather that guy was just one helpful chap.

Later hangy dude.

: "Adam! Wait for me! You must not leave without me!"

It's not my fault you're slow as shit.

: "I wouldn't do that, Paquita. I just didn't know where to find you."

: "Look, a boat! Let us borrow it!"

Nice job changing the subject. Where DID you go, anyways?

She flies to the boat, but then sinks like a rock.

: "Please, Adam, help me!"

Can't you people do - ANYTHING - for yourselves?

The little bat lies shivering on the ground. She looks too weak to rise.

: "Please get Chiropterus. He can tell us what to do."


: "Chiropterus, help! It's Paquita. She's fainted or sick, or something. Oh, hurry!"

: "This is terrible, terrible! I'll make haste as quickly as these old bones will let me."

He looks like a tiny Splinter.

: "What is it, Chiropterus? Is she going to be all right?"

: "Such is the result of the greed of men. It is some illness from the smoke. There is very little hope...unless..."

um, what smoke?

also I'm too lazy to fix his portrait so just pretend he's still upside-down.

: "I'll do anything to help her. Just tell me. There has to be something I can do."

: "It is said that the Fountain of Youth is found in the City of Gold. The water of the fountain has great power and might save her."

Fuck her. I'm going to bottle it and sell it to Dasani.

: "Then I'll find it, I will! I promise!"

You do whatever you want. I'm ditching you once we get there.

: "Here is the whistle the Temple Priests used to summon us. It makes a sound that only bats can hear. Blow the whistle when you find the Fountain of Youth and learn its secret. We will bring Paquita to you."

: "I'll find the fountain, I promise!"

: "Bats will always obey this whistle!"

Totally going to use this for mischief.

Adam won't be able to leave until the entrance is clear!"


Something's throwing shit at me!

: "Missed me!"

: "Ha! That wasn't even close!"

...that one got me.

Not a whole lot exciting to see here.

Got myself a banana.



...MAC doesn't want to talk to me

: "Hsss! Stay away! I'll bite you! I've been stuck here for hours and I'm sooooo hungry."

: "Here! Catch!"

: "For me? Really! Hey, I don't know to say. I guess you can climb up."

Adam picks up the piranha jawbone.

That's...kind of random.

: "Just stay back, you, you HUMAN! I'm not long for this world and I don't want any humans around.

: "What are you doing here?"

: "I'm stuck! What does it look like?"

: "But there's water all around."

: "Oh, really, I didn't notice."

: "OF COURSE THERE'S WATER! That's why they call it the flooded forest. I was hunting for food when the rains came and stranded me. Right in the middle of the empress eagle's hunting ground! And she just loves succulent monkeys like me! I need a way out of here!"

I'd stay and talk but I don't want to watch you getting eaten so later.

Adam saws the stem with the sharp piranha teeth.

: "Gee, thanks! I thought I was toast. Or whatever it is harpy eagles do to monkeys when they eat them."

You're welcome, douche-fag.