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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 18


: "We were to dine on delicious monkey or succulent sloth. PFAW! We do not eat humans!"


: "I'm, er, sorry to disappoint you."

: "We command you to depart! Leave our royal roost at once!"

I tried to recycle him because I haven't used that option in WEEKS. Anything I try to do, though, ends up with him almost knocking me out of the nest.

So I whipped my feather out and showed it to him.

: "It has been many generations since we have received this sign! We are yours to command."

It's a feather. You guys are easily impressed, aren't you?

: "We will bear you on the wind to the City of Gold."

: "So you DO know where it is!"

: "You hold the feather of our ancestor, the first of our kind. Yet the City of Gold was deserted by humans ago. Do you still desire to go?"

: "Yes, I must! I must search for the Fountain of Youth - and the seedling of Forest Heart also."

: "Then let us ride the wind together!"

Look familiar?

Alright, on to the City of Gold!

Oh dear.

Welcome to the City of Gold. There's trash all over this motherfucker. Didn't the bird say this place was abandoned by humans a while ago?

Whatev. I picked up all of the shit and also grabbed the magnifying glass in the corner, which is inexplicably left there even though THIS PLACE IS SUPPOSED TO BE DESERTED.

Anyways. I consulted my FAQ because I have no idea how anyone can get anywhere in this game without it. Seriously. Take a look at this picture:

Can you think of ANYTHING that I'm supposed to do here?

The answer: Put the gold mask in the hole over to Adam's left. Yeah.

Oh really?

Apparently, it's that coin next to the mask. It was hidden there this whole time.



I tried to head up to the top left because I couldn't think of where else to go...

But Adam decided he wanted to sit here instead...

Which caused this to happen.

I need something heavy to put there, but instead of all these rocks, it makes me dump my newfound gold.

The rock moves aside, but the opening is still narrow.

I also need to dump the new coin I just got. Because that makes all the difference.

The rock tilts so that the passage is clear.

Not even gonna comment on the geography in this situation.

After a linear "maze", Adam heads on up...

And we find out that even Sierra is getting bored and is stealing shit from Ecoquest 1.

Let's cut to the chase. I got this headdress and cup full of gold dust...

and I also got this flute.

Pull the snake's tail...

It's like fucking Myst. And this game is for children? What did people DO before the internet?