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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 19

We're on the home stretch, guys.

Hop, hop...


Er let's try that again

Alrighty, now to get to that big islan


A huge golden serpent looks expectantly at Adam.

I wanna pet it!

...he doesn't appreciate that.

Welp, time to use some of this shit in my inventory.

Adam puts the golden crown on his head. It is surprisingly light.

I play the flute for you, Mr. Snake.

I think he likes it!

...I think I killed him!

...wait, no he's just sleeping.

Adam dives into the water and swims toward the island.

Yes the water is perfectly safe. Lord knows only one giant fucking snake can live in a lake at a time.

...I got nothing.

oh shi

: "He-e-y, what! Let go!

...ahahahahaha what

...ahahahahahahahahahaha what

: "Well, we haven't seen any nice ones lately. I would like some proof that you mean us no harm."

I'd better do what he says. I know what dangling vines can do. I've played hentai games.

I showed him that fucking Forest Heart thing.

: "It is the ancient call for help!"

: "It is time to yield the treasure of the City of Gold! You may release the secret, human! We will not stop you."

You um already did kind of

Oh. Thanks.

Just for the record, I have no idea why I'm doing any of this. That shit below Adam in that screenshot are seeds and apparently one of those seeds are the seedling I need but I can't find out. I guess if I put the blossom in the cup and then dump water in the cup and then dump the water onto the seeds then the seeds will find the seedling.

I don't know. I don't write it and I'm really close to being done so fuck it.

The water moves through the powder. A golden tinge spreads through the fountain. It falls into the seedbed below and there is a strange stirring.

Well. How about that. It's a good thing Forest Heart's spawn defies nature or else we might not ever have found it.

: "The Seedling of Forest Heart! That's it! The true gold!