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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 20

Nice oh-face there, Slaughter.

: "I knew you'd lead me to the treasure!"

: "I don't know what you're talking about."

: "Forget it! I'll find it myself!"

So...he put me on top of a statue. And he just started randomly digging.

: "Kids! I'll find the gold myself. I bet I find the treasure any second now. Then I'll fry the little worm!"

: "Hey, get me off here!"

: "Shut up, kid, unless you're talking to me about gold!"

Yeah screw that

: "Hand that over!"

: "Come get it!"

He can probably shoot you or something, you know. You really shouldn't bait him.

Oh, well, if it works I guess.

: "You bet the gold is mine!"


: "C'mon, kid, I was just, um, pulling your leg. Tell this thing to let me go. You didn't think I meant all that stuff I said! Heck, I was just kiddin'. What's a little joke between friends? All right, I apologize. I take it all back. You won't leave me here, will you?"

Boy, he sure gets chatty when he gets into trouble.

: "A few hours won't hurt you. I'll bring my dad back here...and the police. No deals."

: "Man, people aren't going to believe this."

: "I have a feeling they will."

People will believe you've got a dude tied up in plants on an island in the middle of the jungle? sure why not. Your dad probably believed all that Eluria shit too.


Faintly in the distance, Adam hears a whirring of wings. It is the high-pitched sound of many bats flying.

Why did uglybat come? What happened to the hangy-bat helper?

Screw it. I'm tired and my head hurts. Let's get this over with.

Adam gently pours a drop of water from the fountain into Paquita's mouth. It seems forever and then her eyes open.

Well, she just perked right up. I think she was faking it.

: "Oh, Adam, it is too beautiful. I am alive, you know?"

: "I know!"

: "I could kiss you!"


: "Aaagh, Paquita, don't!"

: "You are a silly boy, but you have saved me, so I do what you ask!"

: "NOT!"

I'd say that's an outdated joke, but it wasn't when this game came out so I have nothing to add.

: "My friends will spread these seeds to heal the burned land. They bring news of the Grove People. There is much despair - you must return as quickly as you can."

I don't care.

: "Paquita! We must leave!"

: "Um, I cannot go with you, Adam. Not just yet!"

I don't care!

: "But you're well."

: "Yes, I am very well indeed. You must not worry. Go!"

: "I think I shall speak to him of all the plants in the forest. I shall name them all."

: "Don't leave me here with nature, kid!"

Yeah I'll totally listen to you

Enjoy your tentacle rape.


Man, they really did a number on ol' Forest Heart.


: "We have survived, Adam, though Forest Heart did not. We have been hoping for your return. Taquia and I have prepared a place for the future to take root. If you have found what you seek, you and Taquia must plant it together."

I like how proud Taquia looks. "I MADE PLANT GROW "

: "Forest Heart begins again! It is done!"

: "The cloth of life is mended!"

: "We take up our work again!"

: "We will care for this new Forest Heart as our ancetors have done from the beginning."

: "Perhaps one day my children will see her bloom."


: "I think it's time for me to go. If it's okay, I'd like to bring my dad back here."

: "I agree. Our time apart has ended. The Grove People must join your world, Adam. It is the only way to protect Forest Heart."

: "I think my Dad can help. Things like the blossoms can be protected. I think that my people would call them a growth agent. But I think it's a miracle. I'm ready to go, but I'm worried about Paquita. Why hasn't she returned?"

: "Blow the whistle one more time! If she is near, she will come. Forest Heart has always been her home. It will be so again. Now call her!"

How in the hell do you know who I'm talking about? Do you know the names of ALL the bats?


also how in the hell did Forest Heart 2 grow that fast?

: "Oh, Adam, I hoped you would not leave until I could show you my surprise. Look under my wing!"


: "Wow, a baby!"


: "This is the first of the children of our new Forest Heart! Soon he will live among her branches!"

: "I wish I could see him grow up, Paquita."

: "Stay then, Adam! Stay with us for a long time!"


: "My Dad would miss me. I've got to try to go home."

: "Then return soon, Adam. I shall miss you!"

: "I'll do my best."

Yeah he's gonna come back to South America to visit a bat and a bunch of savages.

: "We will call on the Empress Eagle, for she sees for. She will help you find your father! Much of the forest remains unspoiled. Today I have much hope in my heart!"

Whatever you say dude

We didn't tell anybody about Slaughter, did we?

Eh fuck it just let it go

"Daddy's just...going on vacation, honey."


Thanks, Melaneus