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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 4

: "Quietly, Orpheus. No one is watching. Gnaw the rope!"

If Adam were awake, he'd probably be cursing his psychologist for the wasted years he spent curing himself from hearing animals talk.

: "Stay low. Keep going!"

: "I'm done! Let's get out of here, Morpheus. I'm scared."

...yes, you read that right. The beavers' names are Orpheus...and Morpheus.

I only LP it, I don't explain it.

: "I hate this water. It's full of junk and goo."


: "Just help me push the boat. We must bring him with us."

I have a feeling this will only end in disaster.

: "I thought you said 'Mobe to the weft.'"

: "What does THAT mean?"

: "I don't know. That's why I DIDN'T do it."

ahahahaha beavers are funny.

: "It doesn't matter now. I think this is the right spot."

: "Then should I wake it?"

: "No, it's only a cub. Let it sleep. We'll guard the boat tonight."

Yeah, good luck guarding Adam from the ravenous mosquittos that are going to suck him dry.

: "There's a soft bank nearby. We can watch the cub from there."

Al Boreland is not going to be happy about this.

Monkey alarm clock!

Big stretchies. How on earth did you sleep through all of this, especially since your hand was supporting your head all night? Your arm must be really asleep. Good luck avoiding that pain.

: "Where am I?"

: "What am I supposed to do now?"

I'm glad these beavers have a plan. It inspires confidence.

: "Tell the cub about Forest Heart and then give him the - you've got the gift, don't you?"

: "Don't boss me, Morpheus! Of course I have the amulet. OK, here I go!"

Adam has a look on his face that says "okay do I really need to present for this conversation?"

: "Honestly! I can see I have to do the hard part, like always. Greetings and salutations from the creatures of the rainforest. You are at the very center of the rainforest by invitation of Forest Heart."

Forest Heart is a good name for a band.

: "Who? Where?"

: "Forest Heart, She From Whom Everything Begins. Your help is needed. She asked us to find one of our kind and bring it here."

: "You looked like a good one, so we picked you."

You should have grabbed Balloon Guy. He would have been more useful then Adam.

: "Er, thank you. I guess."

: "We bring you a gift... if Orpheus would only come out. He's carrying it. He wanted to be the one to give it. And now he's lost his nerve. You must persuade him. I'm entirely out of patience!"

Excuse me? I MUST do nothing of the sort. I really don't care less what two water puppies have to give me. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to do a quick scan of the area.

With that taken care of, I've changed my mind. Give me my thing you're supposed to give me, beaver!

: "Won't you please come out, Orpheus? I'm sorry I spoke so loud..."

God, stop sounding like a woman! Demand your thing!

: "Won't you please give me what, er, Forest Heart sent?"

Okay, fine. Whatever works, I guess.

Adam bends over and gently takes a necklace from Orpheus's neck.

What is this made out of? Wood? For a few seconds, I thought it was made out of crap. Literally. Crap. It makes more sense than a forest creature making a necklace out of WOOD.

: "It's beautiful, but why are you giving it to me?"

: "It is the amulet of Forest Heart. Journey to her village and learn the rest!"

: "We can't be expected to stay - this is far as we go!"

hey wait

: "Good luck and farewell!"

: "Farewell and good luck!"

Useless assholes.