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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 6

"Pipe down, can't you!"

"You're giving the rest of us a headache!"

Your eyes and hair and face are hurting our heads. That and you're loud.

: "Eeerck. Ptui! I can't walk past that smell!"

Apparently, you really stink too.

: "What's the matter?"

: "Don't you see it? The great cloud is hanging over the forest and soon it will fall. Fly, you idiot. Take wing! I can see it - the ground will open up and the great machines will plough us under! The seas will rise, the mountains fall!"

: "Calm down."

: "You weren't there! The yellow hats swung their biting rods and everything fell on us. The nest, the young ones, the old ones were swallowed by the river."

What's a biting rod? Also, why didn't your family ALL fly away? Your birds. Maybe they were all retarded, in which case their death was a good thing.

"He's been like that all morning. Ever since he got here, lost his whole family in the river. Another family cut down by yellow hats."

"Ugh, I can't stand that hoatzin? He smells terrible and he's raving!"

"I'm sorry for him and all, but really, it's too much!"

Yeah, too bad you don't have wings. If you did, you could just fly to another tree or hell even another branch and ignore him. Oh wait shut up you do have wings go away if he's a problem.

Birds sure do complain a lot.

cock lol

Anyways, time to put these little water bulbs to good use. Hold on, little toucans, help is on the way!

ahahaha oops. I guess that didn't work. Maybe there's something over to the left.

...I hate the rainforest.

"Sssssstay back or I will ssssssssqueeeeeezzzzzze you!"

: "You got it! No problem."

Fine. God.

Down here, then.

No hoatzins to break the chi here, thankfully. I tricorded the Darter bird in the bottom corner, along with the Liana and the Canopy.

Adam's in the rainforest, picking flowers.

Let's give some to the hoatzin.

Adam holds the flowers to his nose like a gas mask.

...oh. That works too.

: "Phew! Those stink."

"Sez you."

Yay! Not only did I save the baby from a firey death, but I guess the heat made it hatch early or something whatever I don't care.

: "The water came down from the sky. What a miracle!"

: "Well, actually, it was the water in the pitcher plant."

You're stupid, Adam. If you lie to them, they might see you as a god.

: "Oh, I see. How can I thank you for saving my baby?"

: "Just tell me where I am."

You're on a tree in the rainforest, dumbshoes.

: "You are near the village of the Grove People."

...and that's it. Animals are worthless.

Time to explore the treetops. Maybe I'll find a panda or something.