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Part 2: Episode 3 - Dance Battle & Episode 4 - A Bit Batty

Sorry about the wait, everyone! I misjudged how long I ought to wait between making new videos. Rest assured that things will start coming out at a good clip from now on. To make up for it, have all of the next world at once:

Episode 3 - Dance Battle
Episode 4 - A Bit Batty

Bible Study Time!

Our Four Archangels

In the Book of Watchers, after the Grigori have spent some time ruining the human race and inadvertantly causing the deaths of scores of innocent people, a number a entities beseech God personally to fix it. Most notably among them were a quartet of archangels: Gabriel, Raphiel, Uriel, and Michael.

Gabriel - Meaning: "God is my strength"
- A messenger for God, angel of revelation (fortelling events and explaining visions), and Spirit of Truth
- Feast: September 29; November 8

Raphiel - Meaning: "It is God who heals"
- An angel of healing
- Saintly Patronage: apothecaries; blind people; bodily ills; diocese of Madison, WI, druggists; archdiocese of Dubuque, Iowa; eye problems; guardian angels; happy meetings; insanity; lovers; mental illness; nightmares, nurses; pharmacists; physicians; archdiocese of Seattle, Washington; shepherds; sick people; travelers; young people
- Feast: September 29; October 24

Uriel - Meaning: "God is my light".
- An angel of repentance, he guards the Gate of Eden with a flaming sword
- Saintly Patronage: Sacrament of Confirmation, poetry
- Feast: September 29 (Western); November 8 (Eastern)
- Also, the primary archangel who accompanied Enoch during his vision trip 'round the universe in the latter 3/4 of The Book of Watchers.

Michael: - Meaning: "Who is like God" (traditionally taken to be a rhetorical question).
- Originally seen as an angel of healing, is now viewed as a protector and the leader of God's army against evil.
- Saintly Patronage: Guardian of the Catholic Church; Kiev, protector of the Jewish people, police officers, military, grocers, mariners, paratroopers
- Feast: November 8 (New Calendar Eastern Orthodox Churches); November 21 (Old Calendar Eastern Orthodox Churches); September 29 ("Michaelmas"); May 8