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Part 3: Episode 5 - Fisticuffs

So today I, um... I got a little excited:


Bible Study Time!

So these human-angel hybrids. What exactly where they supposed to be?

Nephilim are, in fact, mentioned in the canonical Old Testament. Canonically, a lot of this actually happened. Genesis 6: 1-4 has a group of angels ditch Heaven, bone human women, and breed giants. They are said to have been "the great heroes and famous men of long ago". I've heard some people think that's meant to be about mythical figures like Hercules, but I wouldn't put too much stock in that.

The Book of Enoch goes into far greater detail. First off, the were big. Three thousand ells, on average. An ell, originally a cubit, is the length of a man's elbow to the tip of his middle finger, or about 18 inches.

A quick conversion:
3000*18 = 54000 inches
54000/12 = 4500 feet
4500/5280 = 0.852 miles

They were between 8 and 9 tenths of a mile tall, on average. It doesn't say if they were born that tall or grew to that, but I hope it was the latter.

Also, they were jerks. Hungry jerks. They ate men, and everything mankind built and grew, and fish and birds and beasts and bugs, and each other, and also drank their blood (which was apparently a huge sin). Huge, murderous, and hungry.

So how did this shit get solved? In the Book of Enoch, God had Gabriel go down and lead all the Nephilim away (to where exactly isn't said). Gabriel then just kind of turned them loose on each other. Their murderous desires were so great that they all killed each other, until not one was left.