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Part 2: Adventures in Spelunking

Adventures in Spelunking

Well, no islands today, but I did poke around near those footpaths, and I found a cave! Decided to take a rest before going in to get my magicka back up.

EAT THIS, CUR! WIZARD BEA- oh goddammit. Well, that'll happen. I wound up using my sword on him instead. His armor's a nice upgrade, but the shoulderpieces don't show outside of our robe. Oh well, into the cave!


Deeper in, a rival sorcerer jumps down from the stalactites to attack! He falls easily to my blade.

Hark! Argonian brothers trapped beyond this latched gate! It falls easily to my lockpick.

Why, my keen magical senses detect that bracer is sapping your strength! Allow me to remove it, brother. There, all better.

Obviously we're dealing with some kind of immortal lich bandit slaver here.

Oho! Bandit cargo, I see. I loaded up, and set out to town to sell my loot before taking another swipe at this cavern.

I was attacked by two more of these assassins outside of town. Fortunately, Arrille informed me that the armor was quite valuable.

Back to the cave! There must be some secrets lurking in the water. Wizard gills activate!

Come now, this is just excessive. Wizard freeze, I suppose.

Besides the assassin, there were a few soul gems and scrolls of unlocking, as well as a scroll or two of soul trapping! We'll just dispose of these like good samaritans!

Oh, uh, hi Arrille. Into the whole Sand Person thing, eh? Here'ssomearmorI'lljustbetakingmygoldnowthankyou.
Come to think of it, that tax collector had a scroll on him. Let's see here...

Oh, huh. Tax records. It seems there were quite a few delinquents, particularly this Foryn Gilinth fellow. This warrants questioning.


GODDAMMIT. Well, there's only one way to settle this!

So anyway, we have our own home now, and 5500 Drakes. Things are starting to look up! Come to think of it, these mushrooms and herbs have really been weighing me down. Wasn't there some way to tap into latent alchemical skill by eating ingredients? Wortcraft?

...well, that was decidedly unproductive. I'll just keep them in the chest. (thanks to ChazGELF for the image!)