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Part 6: Diary of a Lizard Wizard: A Substitute Update by Chaz GELF

"A few days" my arse, I'm doing it now. Sorry for the lack of colour in these updates, I kinda rushed these because I wasn't expecting to have to do so much doodling for a single update! I'll try and make up for it with a little colourful narrative instead! This is probably not gonna be anywhere near as good as the actual LP itself mind you, so apologies in advance!

Diary of a Lizard Wizard: A Substitute Update by Chaz GELF

Well, I returned to the Mage's Guild without incident, and gave Ajira those mushrooms she wanted. After that, I went ahead and got a few spells, including a 50-point Unlock spell (For more burgledy goodness!), and this really neat spell called "Bound Dagger".

Kind of unsettling how it's rooting to my hand, but I'm sure it's probably nothing. Meanwhile, I noticed that the Mage's Guild had a teleport service, and they could send me to any of the other guild halls! Clearly, this is an opportunity for me to look around all the halls and see what there is to steal!


Well, that was a waste of time and money. However, when I got back, Ajira told me her rival Galbedir was working on some sweet Magic project, and wanted me to slip a fake soul gem into her desk, to screw things up. Sure, I can do that, no problem.

I helped myself to a few free soul gems in the process. Some of these ones are pretty powerful, too! I went back to Ajira to let her know the deed was done.

Now she wants me to go get some flowers for her alchemy project. I guess the fungi weren't that bad, how hard could this task possibly be?


Battered and bruised, I eventually managed to make it back to the Mage's Guild with the flowers.

Now you want a bowl?! Fucking cats.

Fine, here's your stupid bowl, you-

Apparently now her term paper on flowers and mushrooms was stolen. After everything I've done for this Khajiit she goes and gets her project notes stolen?! After recovering a little from the shock I saw the Bound Dagger I'd been holding lying on the floor. Just before it dissolved I saw some disturbingly long root-like tendrils trailing from it. And now my arm hurts. I'm gonna go wait for these pins and needles to subside, then I'll figure out what I should do about the stolen paper.